Tuesday, October 28, 2008

october twenty-eight :: 19 weeks old & 22 months old

Mack is 19 weeks old today.

Sean is also 22 months old today.

Today's Earrings.

I had fun playing with self portraits today (I love that I can see myself in the lens!)

Thank heavens he's strapped in. This kid does NOT sit still anymore. He is constantly trying to figure out how to turn over, regardless if he's not lying down!

I saw a story about Eliot on Oprah today. I had a good honest cry. A little boy who lived 99 days. The story is just heart touching, the way they celebrate his life.

Lena, a Montreal Knitter had her baby girl on October 17th, the same day that Mary of Ariadne had her boy Henry. It's so nice that they share a birthday. Henry, I believe was born 5 weeks early, from what I hear is doing well. Elizabeth, Lena's daughter was born 15 weeks early. (At 24 weeks 5 days pregnant). Elizabeth was born at 790g, which is just under 2 lbs. Elizabeth is doing great, but my thoughts are still with Lena. I hope to go visit as soon as I can go into the NICU. Lena should be able to bring Elizabeth home around her original due date - around February 1st, 2009. Please send your good thoughts Elizabeth's way.

Today I visited Melanie with Madeleine. We had an amazing homemade lunch (thanks Melanie!) and I even got to do some knitting on Tesserae.
Have you seen Montreal's new logo? Holy crap. A kindergarten class could have designed a better logo. I can't believe the city spent $487,000 on this logo, and is spending another $200,000 on marketing this new logo. Oy!

I picked up the tote bags for my November Ultimate kit. OH MY HEAVENS! If you have not signed up yet for the kit - you should! The tote bag rocks.

I finally grafted the Skull Hat closed and weaved in the few ends. My nephew's birthday party is the weekend after this one, so it's all ready to go now! Did I post project details? I can't remember?

Pattern: Skull Hat by Gina Doherty
For: Jamie's sister's son, our nephew Merlyn.
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash in Black & White.
Needles: 4.0mm DPNS & 5.0mm DPNS
Size: small (child)
Timeline: October 8-12th, 2008
Modifications: Followed pattern as published.
Opinion: Love it! I can't wait to give it to my nephew for his birthday.

I have some deadlines to finish, but I am thinking about a Vest for my mother-in-law for her birthday/Christmas. I can't seem to find a vest pattern I like. I may just have to take a Cardigan and just not knit the sleeves. That's 1 possibility. Unless someone has a nice vest pattern they want to recommend. The other thing is - I'm thinking about knitting either a scarf or a hat (but I'm gravitating towards scarf - because what if they don't like hats - some people don't - like my husband), for Sean's daycare teachers. They have been so good with him, and enduring the month long screaming fits he was having when adjusting to daycare. The even wipe his bum. That to me, deserves a nice hand knit present for Christmas. What do you think? So, I just have to decide what to knit.... and in what colors. I don't know how to go about asking them what their fave color is without arousing suspicion.

Sean as of yesterday now takes his milk at daycare in a sippy cup. You think we could get him to do the same thing at home? Not really.... so it's a fight still at home. Fun! Hopefully we'll be able to wean him before he's 2 years old off the bottle.


LittleRed said...

OMG, I went to the link you posted on the Montreal logo. That is so horrid, I even left a comment. Poor Montreal if that goes ahead! Room to make it Real Huh?

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

The skull cap really turned out great and I needed something nice to look at after that fiasco of a logo. I don't understand how that is supposed to evoke Montreal. It would be far better as a logo for Mattel Toys. Maybe Montreal can sell it to them and get some money back. You're right about kindergarteners doing better, and the schools could certainly put the money to good use. Congrats to both boys. It's amazing how time is flying.

Anonymous said...

Oy,poor Lena! I hope her daughter is ok! Do you know why she was born so early?

Sharon said...

Your boys are too friggin cute. LOL on the swing pic. My Bean is just now starting turn over, but she's still not there yet. She's got a whole lot of chub, so it may take a while.

Love the skully hat. It's on my Christmas to-knit list.

g-girl said...

what a nice gesture to make scarves for sean's teachers...is there anyone you could ask who might know their favorite colors? you could probably ask and they'd forget since the december holidays are a ways away, you know? I'm noticing that Mack doesn't really resemble Sean-he has his own look. :) They're both equally cute! As for the logo--what's the reason for a new one??

a friend to knit with said...

oh, your boys are so darling. and growing so fast. :(

love your skull cap,

Kelly said...

I'm so glad to hear that Sean is taking milk out of his sippy cup at daycare. We had the same problem with my little girl. We took her completely off of the bottle (a week before she started going to daycare). She didn't drink milk for about a week and a half or two. But the doctor said that she would survive. I didn't think so... LOL I thought my child HAD to have milk. Once she started daycare and saw the other kids drinking milk from a cup, she started drinking from it also. Now... here at home, I'm glad to say she is drinking her milk out of a sippy cup. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions. It will all work out!!

Amelah said...

love the skull hat!

What a waste of $$ that stupid logo lol! Way to go Montreal!

kate-the-enabler said...

It's not like I have anything to say that your previous commenters haven't already said - but it's all important so here it is again...
My what adorable boys. Mack's growing really fast - I'm looking forward to seeing him in person next week.
That logo is heinous. What were they thinking?
Hat is adorable, lucky boy.
Vest? I really like IK's Estes Vest, but that might be less of a M-I-L vest, and more of a Kate sort of vest. Either way - I like it.
cheers - K

Tara said...

That first pic of you and Mack together is beautiful!

Nell said...

Mack's such a wiggle worm! That's hilarious!

Bea said...

My thoughts are with Lena and her daughter. I hope they both are well for a long time to come.

You and the boys look so cute together!

dawn said...

I love the pics of you with your boys. Too cute.