Monday, October 06, 2008

october six

Today's earrings. Look out for a whole series of these. In different colors. Also, different shapes. I'll also be selling a bunch of these. They're simple, they're fun. I just need to finish making them all. And then I'll post details! Stay tuned. I still love making jewelry, I haven't lost that passion!

Mack slept 12 hours through the night last night. I got a great night sleep! However, this morning Sean woke up (really late almost 10 am) still coughing. He was coughing through the night (from Friday), so I kept him home from daycare today. I'm hoping it'll get better, because I lost a day of work and errands (and didn't get to go to Mack's playgroup today) because he is sick. I'm hoping he's feeling better tomorrow, because I don't want to send him to daycare for them to just send him back home...

My sister stopped by this morning before heading to an appointment (which apparently she missed anyhow), and brought her new puppy Harley over. (Please ignore the hideous state of the extra couch in the den. It's the cats and wear & tear that did that... we're getting new couches in the new year...! I can't wait).

Sean loves Harley.

Sean also got a lot of kisses today from Harley. He laughed each time.

They're best friends now.

Some knitting progress from last night's progress:

I've done one full 16 row repeat on the bottom half of the sweater as of last night. I think it may only need 3-4 more repeats for this size. I can TOTALLY finish this before the baby shower on Saturday! I'm NOT insane! LOL. Modeled today's photos on my son's Boy Cabbage Patch doll because my doll, my mom found it, and let's just say her arm needs surgery and then she needs a bath (in the washing machine!) after he left arm gets stitched back on... It's hanging by threads.

Since this morning's photo shoot, I've done another 16 row repeat. I hope to get another 1-2 done tomorrow, but for sure, I have plenty of time to do this before the baby shower on Saturday, I have faith. It's looking good. I love it. And I think it will look fabulous on the baby with a white shirt underneath! I hope the recipient likes it for her daughter. She's a crocheter herself, and her hubby actually knits and crochets too. Jamie's late grandmother (also the baby shower recipient's grandmother) taught her to crochet years ago. I hope she's been making stuff for her baby too!

I'm off to bed after chilling this evening on the couch with Jamie. Matches are now finally all out for both swaps I'm hosting (Fave Things and Single Sock Swap), and I can now relax and prepare.

Don't forget that for the next 100 (now less!) orders in my shop, I'm giving away free metal circular knitting needles (ranging in sizes 2.5mm to 4.0mm (US 2 - US 6). (Pictured in my current knitting projects - in detail in yesterday's post). Get them while they're still available!


Ann-Marie said...

What a cute puppy!

I love that sweater--I have only boys to knit for right now, but i'll keep it in my ravelry favourites.

I'm off to buy some yarn from you....

Jenny said...

I just love that picture of Sean with the puppy. The lighting is perfect!

Tara said...

I think it's a safe bet to say that Harley and Sean will be best buds!

Fall Swap Partner said...

You are a crazy-productive knitter! I don't know how you do it all (knit, run a store, have two young kids). I know, I know, I've said it all before.

I love reading the blog though :)

Bea said...

Are cabbage patch kids the same size as a real baby? Its been so long since I had one.

g-girl said...

harley is so adorable! of course you'll be all done with boheme before the shower! now if only I could get it together and get my own shower knitting started. ;)