Sunday, October 05, 2008

october five

Today's earrings are brought to you by Angela. She gave them to me last week. The stars were on a necklace she was wearing, they didn't go with the necklace, though they came with the necklace (odd), so I joked and said that I wanted them as earrings. Fast forward a few weeks, they are now on my ears. Thanks!

Pasta is never a good idea to give a kid. It just makes too much of a mess, but what do you do when it's one of his fave meal items, in any way, shape or form.

This afternoon Jamie had some guys over for a hockey pool. Sean got wild after his nap, so I packed up the kids and headed to my parents house. We went for a nice walk with both kids and the dog, and then had supper at my parents house. My dad made black cherry cotton candy for dessert and it was delicious.

Some knitting progress! Boheme is such a fast knit. Really! I wish I had a girl so that I could make one for her too. This one is for a baby shower that I have on Saturday. It's coming along great. Since this photo was taken this morning I've done a full repeat on the next part of the shirt, which is a 16 row pattern repeat. I have to knit until I have 11 inches done in length, which I think will only be 3 repeats in total, maybe 4 maximum. I need to measure how much I have done now. I'll do that in the morning.

I'm knitting Boheme with 4.0mm circular knitting needles. These knitting needles are awesome. I ordered them for the shop in different sizes, and then next 100 customers will get a pair for free! If you order a sock kit - it'll go in the mail with that when it's time for mailing. They are Robyn's Nest knitting needles, and right now they will go to homes for the next 100 customers, I do not have them for sale yet. I love how smooth the are, and the yarn just slides beautifully off the needles. They are a value of around 10-12$ - free with purchase! I have them in various different sizes. I hope they get to go to good homes.

If you missed my announcement the other day, Flock of Feathers is now on sale - my very own line of yarn! Also the November Sock Club kit is for sale, and for November you have 2 options. A full kit - or a mini kit. Details are on the site. I hope you'll join us - the Ultimate kit is going to be a lot of fun! Also, Dream in Color Smooshy is on sale as I've received in Dream in Color Design patterns, so in honor of having them, I've put Smooshy on sale! Happy shopping!

Today I'm eying this set from Knitpicks. And they're on sale too. Putting them on my wish list. I already have the harmony set, but sometimes, sock yarn doesn't like bamboo/wood and you just need aluminum or plastic needles.

I need to go organize my day tomorrow. I'll see you tomorrow! Same place, approximately the same time!


Amelah said...

The Dream in color shrug pattern is really nice! Hmm LOL :)

Nice earrings, that was nice of Angela!!

Soon we can take Bosco, the boys, and Harley all for a walk together :)

sharon said...

Beautiful new yarns. Sob - yarn diet is beginning to kill me. Gorgeous little boys too...

g-girl said...

wow, you're going to be selling your own needles, too??? look @ you go! :)

Tara said...

Bah, getting messy is part of the fun, right?

Bea said...

The sweater is very nice! Quite pretty.

dawn said...

I have that set of knitpicks needles and they're the best. Love the earrings!