Saturday, November 01, 2008

november one

My car (3 years old) has hit 33,333 kilometers. Ironically when I dumped my photos onto my computer, this was image number 333. Freaky! 33,333 km is only 20,712 miles. I have less than one year left on my car. Apparently I don't go far!

Today my ads have started to run on Ravelry. Have you seen them there yet? I've seen a couple of them (I think I have 6 running). Here is my main one (above in the notebook, closeup below):There are HUGE sales going on in my shop. To name a few this is what's on sale: Ceramic Buttons, Claudia Handpainted, Colinette Jitterbug, Dream in Color Smooshy & Classy, Boye Knitting Needle Earrings, Flock of Feathers, King Cole, Louet Gems Fingering & Sport, Mirasol Hacho, Noro Kureyon/Silk Garden & Kureyon Sock, OnLine, Quickie Cutters, Regia, Shibui & Tape Measures. HUGE SALE! And still, free circular needles are still being given out!

This morning I had swimming class with Sean. It was our first time in the CORRECT swimming class. I am so much happier that he is in the correct swimming class. We love his teacher, he's in the right age group, all the kids in his class are around his age and around the same developmentally as he is. It's unbelievable the difference. So happy it's all working out great.

After swimming Sean & I made a stop at a magazine store nearby, and I picked up a few magazines. 1 craft magazine and 3 knitting (Vogue Knitting Holiday 2008, Interweave Knits Holiday 2008, & Knit Simple Holiday 2008). I can't wait to dig into them and see what's inside!

Today was a chill day. Some laundry did get done, some cleaning got done, and a lot of playing got accomplished too. We had fun playing with a Whoopie Cushion that my Fave Things Swap pal gave me in the package I received yesterday. Sean got a huge kick out of that! (And we got good laughs!)

My mother-in-law (Jamie's step-mom) stopped by with my step-niece & step-nephew to visit Sean & Mack. My step-nephew William is in from Toronto and staying with his cousin (my step-niece). While over, my MIL went through vest patterns on Ravelry, as I am going to make her a vest for her birthday. So.. what does she choose? The Striped Modular Vest from the September 2008 issue of Creative Knitting - a vest that I actually want to make for myself! We also choose the color of yarn, and as soon as I am done my deadlines, I'm going to cast on for it. I am actually rather excited to cast on this project!

This evening I just plopped my bum on the couch and after the boys fell asleep, Jamie had hockey, I watched some TV, knitted, and just vegged out. Well needed.

Don't forget that it's daylight savings time. I am rather excited to get an extra hour's sleep. Do you think the boys will realize that, and sleep in longer?? That would be fantastic!

Holy. It's November. No.vem.ber. How'd that happen?


Bea said...

I'm pretty sure it got to be November because you had a baby and that eats up time.

Sharon said...

That's funny - my car just hit 33,333 miles last week. It's a 2005. hmm.

Jenny said...

Now I have to go see if I can find your ads on ravelry!

I need some buttons and yours are so cute. I will have to stop by the store!

Tara said...

Gah, DIC Classy on sale! You're just evil.

g-girl said...

don't'll miss November and we'll be into December soon! You know, I don't think the boys will sleep in. I woke up earlier and the kids at school have been insane in the membrane. lol! exciting that you have ads up on rav now!

Christine said...

I did see your ad earlier this week! Very exciting! I wish you many, many, many hits!!! Bonne Chance mon Amie!