Friday, November 28, 2008

november twenty-eight :: 23 months old/100 weeks old

Sean is 100 weeks old today, as well as 23 months old.

One more month until his 2nd birthday. I truly am not ready for him to turn 2 yet. Though, I've been prepping for his 2nd birthday party. The invites are written and some have been mailed. The rest are being hand delivered. Some have already been hand delivered. An Elmo cake topper has made the top of the FIND list. I have one more place to check tomorrow.

At 23 months old your child should be able to...
- kick a small ball forward (are you kidding me? not only can he do that but the kid has a WICKED hockey swing - future Habs player?)

will probably be able to...
- combine words (he says two words together, like "Up, please/Down, please")
- identify 6 body parts by naming (he can name mouth, eyes, ears, nose, bum, and foot)
- use 50+ single words. (oh yes!)

may possibly be able to...
- put on an article of clothing (he can put his shoes on)

may even be able to...
- identify 4 items in a picture by naming (yes he can)
- use prepositions (yes he can, like off/on for example).

Phew! Sean's on track!

My day of errands got cut short today when the daycare called to ask me to pick up Sean, his tummy hurt and he has diarrhea. Fun. Poor guy though. I hope he feels better soon. If it's like this tomorrow, I'm not taking him to his swimming class because I don't want him to have any accidents in the pool - I would hate that to happen with another kid, and I'm in the pool when that happens, so I wouldn't do that to anyone as well.

I did check some stuff off my to-do list. There are still some things that I need to take care of, but that will be tomorrow. I'm going to run out to do some stuff tomorrow after Jamie returns from a haircut appointment he made himself. Jamie's birthday is in 2 weeks, and I've also checked off his birthday gift off my list, as well as his Chanukah/Christmas gifts.

Sean got his school pictures proofs today. I like 5 & 8 then 6. The other I don't really care for. Like number 3? What's he in - modelling school? LOL.

I'm not sure which to order though? I have to have my form in by Monday. What do you think?

My in-laws came to dinner tonight - we had homemade Chinese food. They had no idea that we had chinese food last night for dinner, but tonight's was FOUR hundred times better than last nights! I'll take my mother-in-law's cooking anytime over anything else.


Bea said...

Ok I voted. But I like both 8 and 6 a lot. He's so cute in his photos. Except number 2. It almost looks like he's just taken cold medicine or something he's so dazed.

Amelah said...

I like 5 & 6!!! :)
I want copies!!!!!

Nell said...

Homemade Chinese food is seriously labor intensive. But delicious! Wow!

jeloca said...

8 is my number-one favorite. Then 5. After that would be 1. Something about 6...he looks too old, like it's a photo for his profile on a dating website!

I can't believe he'll be 2 soon! You have to let me know what he wants for his birthday (that you didn't already get for him!)

Drea said...

I like 5 and 6. :-)

Tara said...

Mmmm, I miss Chinese food. I haven't found a decent take-out place in my area, and I'm not even going to attempt to make my own.

g-girl said...

he has such a funny look in proof 2..and those hands in proof 3 are hysterical! I can't pick between 5 and 6.