Monday, November 24, 2008

november twenty-four

Today Mack had playgroup. He was in a super good mood today.

He's also getting a lot better at sitting - and loves his friends toy. I am going to see if I can find this item on Craigslist or something.

He had fun sharing the toys with his friends as well.

Today we were just 7 of us, with 7 babies, so it was nice & small. From left to right you've got: Jake, Kennedy, Jayden, Mackie, Marshall, Jordan & Dylan. My how they are growing. I think our first playgroup we did, Mack was around 5 weeks old or so. He'll be 23 weeks old tomorrow. Wow, time flies.

Ran home from playgroup and made 3 lasagnas. 2 to freeze and one for dinner tonight. I absolutely love anything with melted cheese, so there is never a complaint from me. Plus it was made with my homemade meat sauce, so it was extra delicious.

When I went to pick up Sean, he didn't want to leave. Hmph! That's a first. He was completely content. And the one day I don't need this - he's like this! I had to run to the place that I got the boys' passport pictures done so that I can get Mack's redone (they said they'd re-do it for free) as the Passport office called today, that Mack's passport pictures got rejected. So tomorrow I'll have to run to the mall and hope that the new ones (she took 2 different ones, one which I already know will get rejected) and hand in the new ones. What a hassle! It's so super difficult for them to do a infant's passport picture - especially with polaroid! I can't understand why she doesn't do digital photos for the passport pictures.

Tonight I went to the Habs game with my brother. The habs lost 4-3 in a shootout to the New York Islanders. It was a very intense game, kept me on the edge of my seat. Though - I did manage to cast on a new pair of socks - my Go Habs Go Socks in the team colors. I love it so far, and I love working with the yarn base. I plan on keeping these "generic socks" (who needs a pattern when the yarn is self-striping!) for hockey games.


Sharon said...

Aww, look how well he's sitting up already! Man, your little one is growing so quickly!

Monkey had something similar to that toy when she was little. She loved it. Good luck scoring one for cheap!

Nell said...

Those are the perfect socks for a hockey game!

Amelah said...

Nice socks! Love the colors :) Are you going to knit Koivu's number into them lol

Mackie looks adorable in that hat in the second picture!!!! Oy, he is growing to fast!!!!!

Infants should take the pictures @ the passport place so they can say yes yes or no no if it's good or not! That is so stupid!

Bea said...

I love his chubby red cheeks. He does look so cheerful!

Summer said...

Mack is getting so big and adorable!!! Love the photos!!

dawn said...

Mack is getting so big. He is too cute sitting up and playing with his friends.

Tara said...

He looks like he could rack up some serious street-cred with his hat. And you're right, he really seems to be engrossed with that toy! Those socks are going to be awesome. I'm very sad I didn't get me some.

g-girl said...

wow, really---mack was 5 weeks old when he started going to play group and he's now 23 weeks old?? I wondered why all the babies looked like they had grown a lot! ;) cute that sean wanted to stay at daycare. i know, of all days but still, it's great!