Wednesday, November 05, 2008

november five :: 27th Annual Habs Blood Drive

I kept Sean home from daycare today so that we could all go to the 27th Annual Habs blood drive. I wanted to give blood as I have a rare blood type (AB+).

So I packed up both kids, and with my mother we headed downtown to Windor Station (which is attached to the building where the Habs play), and each of us with 1 kid and 1 stroller we set foot on public transportation. Yeah. That was fun. (Can you tell my sarcasm?) I will never travel with 2 kids on the metro again with 2 strollers. What a workout! And on top of it, my mother had the lightweight umbrella stroller for Sean (weighs nothing) and I had a Snap&Go for Mack's bucket - which is just a frame with wheels. (Why did I never get one of these, I don't know? I borrowed this one from a friend and I think I will be borrowing it again (I need to ask) for when I go to Florida in January.... what a great invention as my stroller is a beast & weighs a ton!)

So we finally arrive at the blood drive, and I check in, and realize that I cannot give blood. The only thing keeping me back was the fact that I have been pregnant in the last 6 months. (Mack's only 20 weeks old - 4 and a half months old). Dang it. My mother also cannot give blood today because she's on antibiotics. So, we were supposed to leave. But did we? No... we snuck on over to Patrice Brisebois #71 who was signing cards. We got flagged down by Le Journal de Montreal, and they asked us if we would mind being in a picture. (I think Mack was the youngest one to show up today, and they wanted his picture!) So....

From left to right: Sean, Carol (my mom), Patrice Brisebois, some chick from RDS, myself & Mack. This was taken on my mother's camera by some random person who was there.

Before leaving (I mean getting kicked out because we weren't giving blood), I got Patrice to autograph Mack's Habs cozy. How cool?!!

This is the card that Patrice handed out, which he signs in front of you. Pretty cool.

I really wanted to meet Mike Komisarek, who was standing just a bit further into the blood drive room. Unfortunately they wouldn't let us in any further (because we weren't giving blood) so all we got to meet is Patrice Brisebois. I didn't even see Saku Koivu - I think the players were coming out 2 at a time. I was very disappointed that I didn't get to meet Koivu. I was going to get him to hold my sock-in-progress if I had met him. Actually, I totally was going to get Patrice to take a picture with my sock-in-progress, but they were shewing us out as soon as Le Journal de Montreal was done with us. I cannot wait to see my picture in the paper tomorrow! I think this will be my first time with my picture in the paper!

On the way home I saw that the gas price was 89.4 a liter. Holy shit! I filled up last week at 102.9. It's been over a buck forever now, and lately it's been going down, and down and down.... I don't think I've seen gas at under 90 cents since I started driving 10 years ago.

Tonight I went knitting with the West Island knits group. We were 7 of us tonight. I got a LOT of knitting done because between Amy & Madeleine, they don't let me hold Mack! (But totally give him up when there is a stinky diaper - LOL!) I had a really good time out tonight and got a lot of knitting done, which feels good too. Progress photos tomorrow. PROMISE!

I am really disappointed that I did not get to give blood today. Definitely next year. I don't plan on having kids anytime soon.


Amelah said...

nice pic! So cool u got it signed!!! Awesome!!!

Knitting was a nice get away! always makes me feel calm and relaxed! Specially after the streeful day i had!

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome that you got that picture!

I know what you mean about the gas - I'm finding gas $1.98/gallon and it hasn't been that low for years!

K. said...

Soooooo jealous!!! Next year tell me, i'll definitely join you (so that I can check out Komisarek :D) for my 10th blood donation!

Nell said...

How cool that you got so many autographs! Great pictures for the boys' memory boxes.

g-girl said...

too bad you didn't get to give blood like you wanted this year. hopefully next year! and maybe next year you can meet koivu. :)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to tell you, if you got there when Brisebois was out, then you missed Saku, he came out at 8am with the first few players, (Kovy,Markov,Hamrlik)
But also wanted to tell you, in case for some reason you cant give blood next year, you can always stick around and still meet the players, they come over to fans not giving blood afterwards!! I gave blood at 8am... and spoke with Koivu, Kovalev, but I then stayed all day and met a bunch of other players, got tons of autographs and pics with them!!! So I just wanted to let you know you can meet the players without giving blood!!! Although probably hard with 2 young children.. I have a 2 year old and I dont think I coulda handled her there all day!! lol :P
Awesome Picture tho!! Hope next year you get to meet Saku :)

Tara said...

That picture of Mack in his signed cozy is adorable.

Geez, I remember when gas at 69 cents seemed expensive. OK, now I feel ancient!