Saturday, November 22, 2008

november twenty-two

Can you tell I'm a huge Habs fan?? I've got my gloves and now I've got a steering wheel cover. I love it. (But boy was it a biatch to put over my steering wheel - the thing is leather and has no stretch to it - took me about a good half hour to get it over the wheel!) I love my new gloves so much, I have them in pink too!

This morning was a ZOO in the parking lot where we take swimming lessons because about half an hour after Sean's swim class started (the time it actually ends), the Craft Fair was starting. I actually had plans to go afterwards with the West Island Knits group - so I just took a peak and then headed home to drop Sean off at home and get Mack.

I met up with some of West Island Knits for brunch. Went to Chez Cora at their new location near me. The food was delicious. I heart crepes.

After lunch we went to the craft fair. It was pretty much the same as last year. Even the same vendors were set up in booths in the same spot as last year. I didn't buy anything this year, but there were a few things that I was definitely eyeing. I didn't buy anything, but ended up still getting some slips to fill out for a drawing for some prizes. (You're supposed to only get those if you buy something). We'll see if I win anything. I wonder if I have to wait until the fair is over tomorrow or if they are having a drawing per day. I guess I will find out if I get a call tomorrow! I probably won't win anything though. Not even sure what the prizes are.

Mack has a new teething toy. I gave in and got him Sophie. Mack loves his Sophie.

Mack has been teething really badly lately. He's constantly drooling - soaking through bibs. I don't even think Sean ever drooled this much - it's uber wet! Hoping that he gets through the teething bit as quickly & as pain free as possible. I can't imagine what it feel slike to cut a tooth. Sounds painful though. Really. Sean teethed but was never really cranky throughout his teething. I'm hoping Mack handles it like Sean did. That would be great.

I took a little nap late this afternoon. Jamie went to the Habs game tonight, so I had dinner with Sean and then hung out with the two boys. They both went to bed at the same time without a fuss, and I got a LOT accomplished this evening. Laundry, and laundry folding and putting away said laundry. Cleaned up my office. Took care of some paperwork. Tidied up the rest of the house - put away toys, organized a few things, checked some things off my to-do list. Ahh - feeling better! I got a lot accomplished this evening.

It's been a long day, so I'm going to go crawl into bed. I don't think I'll get any reading done tonight, I can barely keep my eyes open.


Bea said...

He's so cute with teh teething toy. The craft fair sounds fun with the knitting girls!

Sharon said...

We just ordered Sophie for the Bean. She's a drooly mess, too. And, like you, my first hardly drooled at all. I'm happy to see that Mack likes his new toy - hopefully it gets as good of a reception here, too.

Jenn said...

Sophie sounds neat. Santa might have to look into him for a certain baby over here. lol
I read the reviews and apparently it's worth the money! :-)
When I'm out shopping and I see Habs stuff, I always think of you.

Kimber said...

Sophie is great isn't she? Liv has been loving hers for a while now (her big sister "bought" it for her).

Liv is teething too so I know what you are going through... we have two swollen spot on the bottom of her gums so I am hoping that they pop ASAP!

g-girl said...

oh, i love Sophie! That is so cute! Here's to hoping Mack gets through teething quickly and painfree like you want! You're so cute with your habs gloves and now steering wheel cover! :)

Jenny said...

Sophie is sweet. Chloe had a little giraffe that she loved to chew on too!

Amelah said...

I had fun! Thanks for inviting me! Mackie was too cute! And like Cheryl said, @least he is chewing on a Sophie instead of a Donald!!!

Tara said...

Aw, I miss footie-pyjamas!

Living Inspired said...

Is that the DDO CC? I skipped the craft fair this year.