Sunday, November 02, 2008

november two

My boys didn't care that it was daylight savings time - no sleeping in, in my household this morning. I wish! Maybe next year!

Today was a relaxing day, but I took care of some work in the afternoon while all three boys (husband included) were napping.

This evening we had my grandmother's 80th birthday party. We had a good time and Sean got to hang out with his cousin Jakob. I love how handsome sean looks in that outfit.

Mack was a party pooper, after his bottle, he was out cold for a while. But of course, as soon as we tried to transfer him to his car seat, he woke up.

The party was a lot of fun, the food was alright (not sure I'll be going back to that restaurant), and it seems like my grandmother had a great time.

We got in later than I thought, and it was even really "later" than that, because of daylight savings time. We got in at almost 10pm, which was like almost 11pm. I need to get those boys adjusted to daylight savings time.

I left the November Sock Club kits up for sale for a few more days. I am very excited about them, and there are just a few more spots left. I've also got the December kit listed on the website!

I'm still knitting these days, progress pictures coming soon, and I've managed to make time to read too! I'm also starting to use the treadmill we got tomorrow morning, every morning.


Jenny Girl said...

Well a happy 80th to your grandmom :) Glad everyone had a good time.

Nell said...

Happy 80th Birthday, Grandma!

Tara said...

Wow, every morning on the treadmill, eh? Go Robyn!

Jenn said...

Rowan HATES her carseat and is awake/or awakes everytime I put her in it. Hates the car too!! The boys looked so cute in their Halloween costumes. Mack's getting so big. I've been behind on my blog reading/blogging as well. :-)
Your sock design is really nice. I would love to come up with something cool for a pattern myself too.

g-girl said...

Hope your grandma had a great 80th birthday! :) sean and jakob look so cute!

Bea said...

Happy 80th to your grandmother!

Bea said...

Oh also I guess I should have started from my first missed post to rather then the last one and it would have answered the Jakob question.