Sunday, November 30, 2008

november thirty

Today I took Sean for a haircut. He needed it badly. To the point where I trimmed above his ears last night before we went out to a nice restaurant for dinner (for Jamie's best friend). The haircut was much overdue.

After the haircut, since I had my mother with me, I ran some errands. It's always easier to do groceries with extra hands, especially when you have both kids with you!

While out, I picked up the most adorable outfit - for both boys. Yeah, once again they'll hate me in a few years for dressing them the same. But hey, I had to.

Aren't the just too cute?
Sean's grin is hilarious!

My boys! (5 1/2 months old & 23 months old)

Mr. Mack

Me & my boys.

I got a frame that says "MOTHER" on it. I plan on framing one of these two. I haven't decided yet which one. But I like them both. (Even though Sean's not really looking in this one, I love it).

I got a new jacket on Friday and I LOVE IT. I love how flattering it is to my body style/shape. I'm feeling so good for someone who just had a baby 5 and a half months ago. And I'm feeling hot! in my new jacket. It's good until -30 degrees. Hello! Anything around -30 degrees, I don't even want to be out! I'll hibernate thank you!

Had dinner at my parents house tonight, my dad is still using the BBQ - so I won't complain. I love BBQ anytime! He pretty much BBQ's until the snow comes. We have seen some flakes, but nothing that has lasted (rare for Montreal at this time of the year I think)... so I'll enjoy my BBQ while I still can! Mmmm cheeseburgers!


Amelah said...

Very cute pictures of Mack and Sean.

For the two you are debating on framing, one Sean is smiling nicely in and the other Mr Mack is! Crop out Mack's smiling face and paste it in the other pic LOL

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I love your jacket! It looks great on you, and you look great in it! Where did you find it???

Nell said...

My Dad grills through the winter. Men are so crazy!

Bea said...

Love the skeleton outfits. I like the second photo of all of you. I think your sisters suggestion is too funny.

Love the new jacket.

Drea said...

Isnt it fun having two boys so close :-) they remind me a lot of taite and caleb

kate-the-enabler said...

Just wanted to say that I LOVE Sean's haircut - makes the little guy look even MORE handsome than usual. Really. Love it.
cheers - KTE

dawn said...

What cute boys. I can't stand it. Love the jacket too. -30 is that F or C? Brrr reminds me of when we lived in Upstate NY. Thankfully it doesn't get that cold in WA state.

g-girl said...

love the pics of sean and mack! and the ones with you are great too! that jacket looks fantastic on you. you should feel hot in it! ;)

Tara said...

That jacket is awesome. Very sleek and stylish.