Monday, November 17, 2008

november seventeen :: 5 months old

Mack is 5 months old today. FIVE! One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Where does time go?? I swear, he was just born yesterday. Well, that's what it feels like anyhow.

Today we had Mack's playgroup. It was nice to get out of the house for a few hours, and just relax with some friends and their babies. I love playgroup, and didn't go to last week's playgroup because it was a the girl's house that I don't like. Actually, it was being held at her mother's house - which is even worse. Who wants at someone who you don't like's mother hanging around. I wasn't interested, so I didn't go. She actually asked me where I was last monday, and I told her I think I had something, and then she chimed in and said "Oh wasn't Sean sick" and I didn't answer her and left it at that.... Unfortunately right now I cannot eliminate this girl from my life, but I wish I didn't have to see her at playgroup every monday. C'est la vie I guess. No pictures were taken at playgroup today, but the time we were going to take them, some of the babies were cranky and the others (including Mack) were fast asleep. Plus, we were only 6 of us today, for a tiny playgroup - which was fine by me - the smaller the better, because then everyone is involved in the SAME conversation, and you don't have to yell over other people talking, etc. There is always gossip talk - I love it. I love hearing it. But I'm so out of the loop (being busy with TWO kids (most of these moms only have 1 kid) that I'm not "up-to-date" with the gossip, lol. I love hearing it at playgroup!

While I work on the PDF of A Neck Warmer for Coreen - I'll leave you with some photos of it from today that I took for the PDF.

Have you seen this cartoon? It's quite funny.... Caroline shared it and I had to share it with you!

I'm hosting Fave Things Swap :: Round 2 on Ravelry. Sign ups are going on until December 15th, 2008 and then pals will be given out by the end of the year, and the mail date for your fave things will be January 20th, 2009. I have made a few changes to this round's swap - so be sure to read the instructions fully before EMAILING your sign up information required. I will not be accepting PM signups over Ravelry. My Ravelry inbox is not for collecting information.

I'm still working on my post about my big life de-clutter - so stay tuned for that sometime probably by or on this weekend. I have been feeling SO good lately with this new reorganization of my life/space that I want to share it with you!

Gonna knit for a bit, and then crawl into bed with my book for a bit. Mack's got swimming class really early tomorrow morning, so I want to get a good night's rest! Tonight Jamie had inventory at work and then went to play poker with some friends, so I've had a nice & quiet (ahh peace & quiet) evening at home, watching some TV and kniting (oh and internet surfing too)! Sean went to bed at 8:15, and Mack not too much after him, so I've just been enjoying the peace! I love my boys, but I also love quiet!


Bea said...

wow. 5 months alreadY? geez. The new neckwarmer is cute!

Amelah said...

Neck Warmer came out nice!!!

Big Girl Feet said...

aww Mack's such a cutie! and love the neckwarmer!!

Karine said...

Hey you changed your layout (I usually read you on Bloglines). Anyway about the neck warmer, simple ans stylish. I like it.

illahee said...

i d/l your pdf today! thanks!

Tara said...

Quiet evenings at home are good, especially with a nice glass of wine ;)

Craftlover said...

I love the neck warmer, it's warm , right?
And I think it's a fast project too.
I did knit a neck warmer last week, but didn't block it yet. After blocking, I will put it up. :)

g-girl said...

the neckwarmer looks great. love the pattern and colorway you used! :) she's going to love it! such a happy 5 mos. old! :D