Friday, November 14, 2008

november fourteen :: 98 weeks old

Sean is 98 weeks old today.

When you pull out a camera - Sean now says "Cheese!" It's too cute.

This morning after dropping off Sean at daycare, I did drive through at Tim Horton's. Oh boy did I have a horrible drive through experience. The guy shoved the food in my face. Then he told me that I was counting my coins too slowly, to go pull over and walk back to the window when I had exact change. Uhm, no. I have a baby in the car, and the place to pull over wasn't exactly in view of the window due to other cars being parked. There was NO one in line behind me until the last second at the drive through window, so I wasn't holding anyone up, AND it was POURING rain. I filed a complaint online - and we'll see how long it takes for me to get a response.

My next stop was at Purolator for a missed package from the day before, it was my new cell phone. It's on the charger now, and once it's fully charged I'll call Telus to have my number activated on it. I wonder if that service department is available on the weekend, I guess I'll try over the weekend, if not, Monday. No rush.

Today I started out with 803 emails in my personal email inbox. Now I have 230. I cannot believe some of the stuff that was sitting in my inbox that wasn't necessary to keep. And a bunch of really old emails that I finally got around to emailing back. I still have those 230 that I will tackle tomorrow. Must clean out my inbox. Been doing some cleaning in my life lately - I will get more into that on another day - it's a post of it's own. But it's a good de-clutter and organization, both physically and mentally.

I've re-stocked WIP Tubes in the shop today. There are a few other items that I'm currently waiting on for re-stocking in the shop - so stay tuned!!

My in-laws came for dinner tonight, and we played Chickenfoot with Dominoes. I'm loving that game. Of course, I won....! I've played only twice in my life, winning both times! I guess I am just a natural!


Anonymous said...

Aw! I have a cousin that would go "cheese" every time she saw a camera or video camera when she was little. Sean's getting so big!

illahee said...

i love those pics!!

thanks for the recent e-mails, i really appreciate them. :D but no pressure, be sure to take your time.

and i don't think i commented on the previous post, congrats on the pants!! um, i mean trousers of course!

Bea said...

You guys are so cute together. I really see you in him. Too cute that he says cheese for the camera!

Amelah said...

Love the picture of you and Sean!! That kid is too cute!!!!

Nell said...

I hate bad drive throughs! I hope the company responds accordingly!

Kimber said...

WTH with that Tim Horton's worker! I can't believe that there is no customer service anymore..... I used to work in that sort of industry when I was a teenager and I tell you, the customer was always right and we did our best. You must let us know what happened, they better give you some sort of response!

Tara said...

I used to work at the drive-thru at McDonald's all the time, and that behavior is simply NOT acceptable. I would SO have gotten fired!

g-girl said...

803 emails??? Insane..and you got through 600 of them?? You're incredible! :) I can't believe that guy was such a jerk @ Tim Horton's!