Sunday, November 23, 2008

november twenty-three :: Grey Cup

This morning we took a lazy morning chez nous and then Jamie took Sean out to get bagels, lox and cream cheese! Yum! Then we took a lazy afternoon while I worked on the December Sock Club stitch markers while we catched up on some episodes of 30 Rock while both boys napped. We just got into that show, and love it. I love Tina Fey. She's hysterical!

Mid afternoon my in-laws came over with Jamie's step-niece whose name is Jamie as well. We call her "Little Jamie" since I am married to "Big Jamie"... and they came to babysit Sean & Mack while Jamie and I went to the 96th Grey Cup.

We decided to drive towards the Big O (Olympic Stadium) and park one metro stop away and then take the metro for 1 stop. When we got down to the Big O, that plan changed because we never found the metro. Instead we did underground parking at the Big O, for only 12$. You CANNOT go to a Habs game and park for 12$. It's at least 20$ to park if not more. We were expecting the parking to be more than 20$ tonight. They could have charged ANYTHING and people would have paid it. On top of it, we parked near the exit, and figured it was great for afterwards. Especially since there were 66,308 people in attendance tonight.

Of course, Jamie made me take out my Canon Rebel Xt out of my purse as he was afraid it would get confiscated. Yeah right - they didn't even check my bag. All they asked was if I had any bottles on me. And of course, my Fuji Z1 that was in my purse was memory-less. I left the memory card in my memory card reader which was on my desk. Grrr! Thank heavens my new cell phone has a pretty decent camera!

When we got there, we immediately stood in line for food. While we were in line, who passes by us? None other than Chris Higgins, Maxime Lapierre, Mike Komisarek & Carey Price. It's neat the the Habs players hang out together on their own time. Jamie & I both turned to each other and said that if we hadn't invested so much time standing in that damn line up - we would have gone over to say hello and take some pictures with them. Too bad they didn't end up sitting near us at the game. Totally curious to know where they were sitting - oh well!

Holy WOW! We sat 20th row. (Row TT). We were soooooo close to the field. The fans were intense and it was a great game. At half time we met up with Jamie's cousin Dan who was in from Toronto and his father, Jamie's Uncle who was in from Ottawa for the game. It was great to see them. I'm possible going to see Jamie's Uncle next weekend if we go down to meet baby Hannah-Rose who was born on Wednesday. We're hoping to make it down there.

The Half Time show was pathetic. Theory of a Deadman (from North Delta, BC) played and did their hit Santa Monica, which I wasn't impressed. They also did a duet with Suzie McNeil (from Mississauga, Ontario). Bah, nothing special. Oh, there was Andrée Watters too. Who? No idea. Apparently a Québecer). Oh wait... now I remember Suzie McNeil... yeah, she was one of the last people standing on Rockstar: INXS. Apparently her Top 10 hit single Believe has been featured on Oprah (Oh I love Oprah - is that a stay-at-home mom thing?) and is in the running to become the anthem of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.

Yep, there was knitting. Of course! (Colors have been omitted as this is still secret knitting - I'll be able to show you soon!) I'm pretty sure the guy who sat next to us was looking at me funny - but hey - what can you do! I got a bunch of knitting done while watching the Montreal Alouettes lose on home turf. The Calgary Stampeders won 22-14. Very disappointing. I'm not really a football fan, I don't really know the rules, but I enjoy all sports, so it was a fun time at the game!

Now I'm home, I've got ketchup on my jeans (apparently you cannot take me anywhere) and beer spilled all the way down my sleeve (from being bumped into a few times - grr!) and I'm plopping my buttox on the couch for some tv & knitting. Both boys are sleeping and I'm enjoying some peace & quiet.



Caroline said...

I'm guessing you don't listen to French radio stations if you didn't know who Andrée Watters was, her stupid song is on all the time. I don't really like her (Chris sort of does though).

Jenny said...

Those were some great seats!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

30 Rock is my favourite!! I could watch every episode a gazillion time!! :)

Amelah said...

Weren't you cold?!?!? LOL
Nice! Knitting @ the grey cup :)

Bea said...

Looks like fun!

AliP said...

What a fantastic Sunday! I was disappointed the Al's lost but hey, its great they made it as far as they did, right? They are the bestest losers in the league!
My Sunday was a round trip to the Townships to meet my fur baby whom we've named Newman. He's a blue lynx bi-colour Ragdoll cat and very handsome.

Tara said...

You were so luck to score tickets! I've never been to an Al's game, but I'd love to go!

g-girl said...

ketchup on your jeans! lol. you can't take me anywhere either.