Saturday, November 29, 2008

november twenty-nine

I didn't take Sean to his swim class today. I was too afraid because of his stomach the last couple of days. The last thing I needed was for him to have diarrhea in the pool. Not fun. Though, I said if he didn't have it in the morning, then we'd go. However, it took until this evening, and yey, no more upset stomach! But how was I supposed to know that?? Fine by me anyhow, I got to sleep in a bit. I've been mad zonked lately. I need to get more sleep. No more of this going to bed at 3 o'clock in the morning. There you go. My first resolution for 2009. GO TO BED EARLY. Think I can keep that up? I need to get on my kid's schedule and not think that I can stay up late and then be up early. It doesn't work so well that way.

Found! I found it! I made a stop this afternoon during my errands, and found Elmo candies for the cupcakes I plan on making for Sean's birthday party. The place that I found them at is a life saver.

They also had an Elmo cake topper. We're just going to have Nana make a chocolate cake and put this on it with the "2" candle I got. Sean's obsessed with Elmo. I hope this works!

I've been meaning to post about some yarn I acquired from a Destash. Photographed it way back when and forgot to blog about it. Finally remembered. So here you go - some yarn p0rn.

Yarn Pirate Merino/Tencel in Patina

Yarn Pirate Bamboo/Merino/Nylon in Sweet Lime

Yarn Pirate Superwash BFL in June Bug

Yarn Pirate BFL in Cranberry Ice

Wollmeise in Pillars of Fire

Sundara Sock Yarn in Lenten Rose

Sundara Sock Yarn in Dahlia

A great bunch of skeins to add to my stash. I love it. Love it all.

This evening we went out for dinner for Jamie's best friend's birthday. He turns 33 on Monday. which means Jamie turns 33 9 days later. 33. Crazy. I'll be 28 this June. I am kinda not looking forward to 30 even. I can't imagine 33. Though, I've spoiled my husband this year for his birthday, I cannot wait to give him all his gifts. (And it's all stuff I'd want too! Hee hee - stay tuned!)

Going to go finish watching the Habs game. Jamie's just about to leave for hockey and I plan on sitting on the couch & knitting. Good plan.


Amelah said...

Nice yummy yarn!!! When you say detash - what does that mean? Did you trade it with someone? Did you buy it off someone? Where did you get it from?

halloweenlover said...

I'm obsessed with those elmo toppers! Where did you get them and where can I get some too?! I want to send cupcakes to his toddler program for his birthday and those would be perfect, then I wouldn't have to kill myself decorating!

The boys are too cute!

Jude said...

I can't believe how far ahead you've planned for Sean's birthday! I'm so impressed!

Nell said...

30 isn't so bad!

Gorgeous yarn! I can't believe you scored Wollmeise in a destash.

Bea said...

Elmo cake will be awesome. That is really pretty yarn.

Tara said...

Wow, that yarn is awesome. All I seem to score when people want to destash is Baby Bernat!

I really didn't mind 30, 20 actually freaked me out more. Besides, your kids will keep you young. You know, if they don't KILL YOU first! ;)

dawn said...

Ohhhh love all the yarn. Oh and the elmo topper is pretty cute too.

g-girl said...

yay for finding the elmo topper and the candies for the cupcakes. :) oooh, jealous of your sundara dahlia! 33 isn't so bad!