Sunday, November 09, 2008

november nine

This morning breakfast was HUGE at the B&B. I'm not usually a breakfast eater (though I probably should start eating breakfast) and then we packed up and headed back to my sister-in-law's house for a bit. We saw everyone there, and then made ourselves some sandwiches for the road and headed on our way around lunch. Mack slept most of the way home. He woke up 30 minutes outside of Montreal. Sean napped for about an hour Jamie says, but I napped for about 2 hours of the 3 and and a bit drive, so I got a bit more than Sean. That nap was well needed. When I wasn't napping though, I read a bit in the book I'm currently reading as well as did a bit of knitting on the gift I'm knitting for Sean's daycare teacher. I totally have other knitting deadlines, so I shouldn't be knitting on that, but I am.... because come on, don't you knit better with pressure/deadlines?

This evening we had family dinner for my brother's 25th birthday, which was on Friday. I don't have pictures because they are on my mother's camera, and I don't know if she's going to have time to send them my way before she leaves for Florida on Tuesday to help my grandmother settle into our condo there. I cannot wait to go in the new year to visit my grandmother and check out my mother's condo. It's nice to know that I always have a place to stay in Florida, even if it's in a retirement community, LOL. I definitely plan on trying to get out there every winter with the boys.

Upon getting home, I plopped on the couch, worked on both the gift I'm knitting for Sean's daycare teacher - closing in on the end, and the test knit I'm doing, which should be done in the next day or so, both of them. Then off to other deadline knitting....! I cannot wait to cross all the deadlines off my list! There's actually a whole ton of them.... eeeshh! I'm insane.

Though, I'm drained from the weekend, so I'm going to go crawl into bed with the book I'm currently reading and fall asleep. I've been reading until my eyes get heavy these days before bed. I actually find that reading helps me fall asleep. (The book is totally NOT boring - not whatsoever - just reading in bed makes me tired).

Hmm, a completely pictureless post. Sorry. I know you come here for the pictures. They'll resume tomorrow!


Bea said...

Sounds like the drive home was a good one! I hope you manage to get all your deadline knitting done in time!

g-girl said...

it's okay about the pictureless blog. it happens! good luck with all your deadlines!

Tara said...

Good for you for making an effort to keep reading. My reading time has practically gone down to zero over the past year. It just seems as though I never have the time!