Tuesday, November 11, 2008

november eleven :: 21 weeks

Mack is 21 weeks old today.

This morning I took Mack to his swim lesson. Sean had a ped day today from daycare so Jamie stayed home from work until I got back from swimming. It's some sort of daycare conference today where our teachers go and learn from other daycares and they brainstorm and get feedback and learn from each other. I spent the entire afternoon with my boys (minus when they were napping - and when that was happening I did some chores around the house).

Zeus even made himself comfortable by keeping Mack's bucket warm. Silly cat! He looks comfy though and very relaxed. It wasn't too long after this photo that Sean found Zeus in there, and Zeus is afraid of Sean, so he dashed off. Jazz doesn't mind Sean, but Zeus is chicken! So far Zeus isn't afraid of Mack yet... but then again Mack doesn't run around chasing after him. (YET).

Today I've got another finished object for you. I finished my test knit number 1, Tesserae. I love this pattern. It was honestly mindless knitting, and it looks great. And I'm soooo loving the color too. You'd never hear me say that a year ago +. I used to HATE purple. Now.... I love it.

I cast on another project tonight, my own pattern, for Sean's other daycare teacher. He has 2 teachers. I'm making her a neck warmer as well, but my pattern. The Herringbone Neck Warmer that I knit for Tirhu, the stitch pattern was a little hard on my hands/joints while knitting it. Also, I wanted to use the same yarn for Coreen's that I made Tirhu's and in the color that Coreen likes, I only have 2 balls. Tirhu's neck warmer took just over 3 skeins (50g balls). Anyhow, I cannot wait to see how it turns out. I will post details soon as there is progress.

This evening we had Jamie's best friend and his girlfriend over to have dinner and watch the Habs game. What a FABULOUS game tonight! We won 4-0. How fabulous! And a very well played game as well!

We have some progress with Sean and the potty. He's taking a GREAT interest in it. This morning before leaving to daycare, he asked to make "caca" on the toilet. Ok, no problem. So he brings over the potty from the main bathroom to my bedroom bathroom. And I take off his pants and diaper. He sits down with Jamie's hockey magazine. (Funny kid). Anyhow, he gets up, says "caca" and then goes. On my bathroom floor and then in my bedroom. We praised him and didn't punish him. He didn't do anything wrong. (Of course by him going on the floor instead of the potty was NOT a pretty site, but it was a darn good try on his behalf). I'm very impressed that he told us BEFORE he had to go. I think we may have a small break through in potty training - which apparently is early for boys. I'm not pressuring him or anything, I'm going at his pace. But I think I will start making him watch Elmo's Potty Time DVD more often.

Alright, I hope I haven't lost you with the kiddy talk in the paragraph before. But hey, it's my adventures in potty training!

Off to hop into bed with that book I'm reading. It's a fast/easy read, just not sure if I'm enjoying the storyline - actually if there is even a storyline there. I'm almost done reading it - so I'll give a review of it when I'm done. The book has long chapters, and I try to read at least a full chapter before bed. Though, lately, I have not been able to keep my eyes open long enough to finish a full chapter. As soon as I crawl into bed with my book (and my book light, because Jamie goes to bed before me) my eyes get heavy and I end up falling asleep.

Just a reminder to you all, I've got a HUGE sale going on in the shop on almost everything. You should finitely check it out.


Amelah said...

Hey one of your pictures is not showing?

Like the socks! Pretty cute pattern! Came out nice!

Yeah for Sean and the potty!!! Just got to get him to go in the potty next time LOL :)

Boys will be boys!

Amanda said...

Oh. My. Gawd. Zeus DOES look just like my Lucy! That is hil-arious!!!!

Long lost siblings, LOL!

Bea said...

Oh my goodness. He looks like he is getting so big!

The socks look great. So weird that you like purple now :) Can't wait to see how your neckwarmer design turns out!

Kimber said...

Nice to see you are over to the "purple side" of life!

Great sock!

Nell said...

Good luck with potty training. It is definitely harder for boys.

g-girl said...

the sock looks great! i'm lovin' the color too. :) herringbone can do that to you! that is great about sean and the potty! :)

Tara said...

I really need to pick up a book light. I used to love reading before bed, but Phil complains about the light, so I can't anymore. I think I'll put that on my Christmas wish-list!