Wednesday, November 26, 2008

november twenty-six

Today I had to force myself to go to my Aqua Strollers class. I've been slacking in that department lately and I'm blaming it on the turn of the cold weather. It motivates me less to go into the pool and with all the layers of clothing to take off and then put back on, it's such a drag. Especially with a 5 month old baby. And on top of it, my teacher - the one I like - has been sick for the last couple of weeks, and the subs have been horrible. She's supposed to be back to work next week - I hope!

After swimming, I picked up my mother and we headed to the movies. I love that they have the Starz & Strollers program for mothers. This week's movie was Four Christmases. Not bad. Our local newspaper gave it 1 star. I thought it deserved about 2 and a half stars, but definitely not five. Good laughs, and I love Vince Vaughn and Reece Witherspoon.

After the movie I did some errands with my mother, picking up some shoes and some boots for me (whoops!) and knocking some Christmas gifts off my list. This year, we'll be celebrating Xmas in Toronto at Jamie's step-brother's house. Speaking of which, I need to email him to let him know when exactly we are leaving to get there. I am very excited for Sean to be old enough now to see what Christmas is all about. Should be fun! Plus he'll get to spend it with his cousins. Very happy about that too.

This evening I went knitting with the West Island Knits group and even though we were a small group this week but we had a good time. We went back to a restaurant that we'd been to before, though we wanted to give them a 2nd chance, since we were sick of places that does serve food but never had any left by the time we go there - and some of us actually do eat dinner at knit night. Next week we'll actually be checking out a new place, upon recommendation of a friend of mine.

I had a small knitting related injury last night. I was on the couch knitting and well, I leaned over and a very sharp DPN stabbed the side of my stomach. OUCH! It didn't go in very far, it did bleed a little, but I'm ok. Oh my gosh, will I never make that mistake again! I have a small scab now with a bit of bruising, but it'll be okay! Don't try that at home!!!

In spirit for the holidays, I've listed some Jingle Bell stitch markers into the shop. There are different sizes (small & large) and packages. You can take a look here!

So I've book a Seseme Street puppet theater for Sean's birthday party and locked in the date. Along with the 30 minute play, Elmo will be joining the party and blowing bubbles with the kids (Oy, I'm just imagining the mess of bubbles in my house. My invitations are written. Some will be handed out, some will be delivered to mailboxes, and some will be mailed (those who live in the city and I don't have time to drop them off). I really hope that Sean will like his birthday party and have a good time. We're doing it late afternoon, so that Sean can nap first, and be refreshed for his party. I do NOT want a cranky kid who didn't nap. That would be a disaster in a half. So he'll nap and then party! I can't wait! I hope he likes it - he's obsessed with Elmo after all!


Amelah said...

Oy he is going to LOVE Elmo!!! I can not WAIT to see his face!!!!

Sometimes a small knit night is good :)

jeloca said...

That party sounds like fun! I sure bet Jakob would love an invite...hint...hint... LOL

Nell said...

Cute stitchmarkers!

I hear you about exercising in the winter. It's just tough to get out there. I'm proud of you for going though.

Tara said...

That was the one part of my swim classes with the kids as babies: figuring out how to dress/undress them AND myself.

Thanks for the invite to Sean's party, girl! Sadly, I've got a concert that day, so I don't think I'm going to be able to make it. Isn't that exactly what happened last year?

g-girl said...

love the jingle bell stitch markers! :) ack!! poor you. what a painful knitting-related injury! i'm sure sean's party is going to be great!