Monday, September 22, 2008

september twenty-two :: apple picking

This morning we got up bright and early to go apple picking. We picked up my sister, and headed on out. We got lost. Like 3 times. We had directions from the school and directions from Google Maps. I've now in my life gotten lost with both Mapquest and Google Maps. So those who tell me to use Google Maps because Mapquest sucks and they've never had an issue with Google Maps.... well, I hate to say it - Google Maps sucks too! LOL. We were late, took the scenic route there (half way around the island) and eventually met up with Sean's class.

Sean checking out the truck in the parking lot. From Sean's class there was only 2 other kids (from the 10 that are in his class including him). There were a lot of the older kids. I don't know why no one else came out. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed. Now I have 2 full bags of apples, one that I picked and one that Sean picked.

At one point Sean plopped himself down on the grass and started to eat some apples. Too Cute!

Sean & Auntie Amy

Sean, Auntie Amy, Robyn & Mack in the sling

And Mr. Mack who cried the entire time we were out there (except when we were on the tractor ride - this kid loves white noise) and finally fell asleep just before we were going to leave.

This afternoon I had playgroup with Mack. If you want to read about Sean's adventure while I was at playgroup - please read Amy's blog post from today here. Above, from left to right: Kennedy, Ella, Marshall, Nicolas, Jake, Mack, Y-Y, Dylan.

Stash update: I've uploaded my BMFA's Socks That Rock stash, and right now so far, in total I'm at 34504.5 yards. I'm not done uploading my stash. So you can still post your answers on my contest post, until I announce that I'm almost done uploading my stash. People have been asking how far along I am - or when I'll be done. I'm not yet. But I will soon be! It's a lengthy process to photograph and upload stash when you have a nice size stash... so I'll get there.

I am glad that everyone is liking my new blog look. I thought it was about time for an update. I'm slowly updating and re-adding sidebar stuff, so eventually everything that I want back will be put back. I'm liking the clean look to it - and I get to play around with banners and do what I want - so it's great!

Tonight there was the season premiere of Heroes, so Jamie & I plopped ourselves on the couch after Sean went to bed (and Mack asleep in the swing) and watched it. I'm so happy that shows are starting up again, I'm such a TV junkie!

Tonight I prepared Sean's stuff for Daycare tomorrow. I'm emotionally prepared for him to start tomorrow. Though, I don't know how he'll react. I'm expecting there to be crying. Also - I've been telling him all day that he's going to school tomorrow and that he'll get to play with his friends and play at school, and he shakes his head yes. I don't know if he understands me, but I'm totally ready. I'm staying close to home tomorrow in case the daycare needs to reach me. However, if I'm good to go tomorrow, and they don't need me - then I have a list of errands I need to do since I won't have Sean with me, which will be super easy to accomplish with just Mack. I've also been summoned for a meeting at 1pm, but more details about that tomorrow, as I'm not sure what it's about.

Oh - I forgot to tell you! I've been given the duties of Montreal Knitting Guild Newsletter. I'm very excited and happy that I get to do some graphic work! The first newsletter deadline I have is kind of short notice - (due October 1st) but I plan on making huge improvements for the November 1st issue. Very excited.


Jennifer said...

good luck to sean for his first day of school!

Bea said...

Apple picking sure looks like fun!

pahkcah02 said...

I like the new look. It's much easier to load than the old site. BTW, like the comment disclaimer as well - haha. Looks like you, the boys, and the Notorious A.M.Y. had fun apple picking!

Maribeth said...

I love to pick apples. It's such a wonderful Autumn thing to do!

Drea said...

I like ur new white layout :-) seems more open. cute pics!

Big Girl Feet said...

wow! I missed a lot in 2 days! nice new look! and your boys are so sweet!! mmm apples!!

undeadgoat said...

I want to go apple picking . . . last fall one of my friends wanted to go, but she only talked about it in the summer, before the apples were in season. We were going to ride our bikes out to the orchard and everything . . . And now she's in Pennsylvania, where there are totally apple orchards, and I'm in Louisiana, where it's theoretically fall, but to this Wisconsin girl it still feels like summer. And I don't really ever want to live where it gets so cold again, and can't go home from school before (American) Thanksgiving unless a hurricane threatens. So I don't know when I'll have the chance to go apple-picking again . . . and I hadn't been in years, I'm not sure why I miss it.

Amelah said...

wow ur crazy to commet to something else!!!!

Love the new look to your blog :)

Glad you had fun apple picking, cause I did! Thanks for the invite!!!!

Jennifer Lori said...

We're going apple picking on Sunday, can't wait! You need to get a GPS, then you won't get lost! :)

Good luck with Sean at school tomorrow!

p.s. I can't remember, what did I guess re: your stash?

Jennifer Lori said...

(Well, good luck for today...since that post was from tomorrow).

Tara said...

I've got my friends' stash additions in my feeds on Ravelry, and I could NOT believe how much BMFA you've already got! And your SP12 bought you a gift certificate for MORE!!! Unbelievable.

I hope daycare went well for Sean.

Anonymous said...

Looks like great fun!

With the current hint, can we update our guesses?

g-girl said...

how fun that you got to go with sean's class for apple picking! :) mack looked like a little furry bear attached to you in that one pic where you can't see his face!

Karley said...

where did you go apple picking? we've rented a car for thanksgiving weekend and want to do some fun things like that!

Nell said...

Google maps definitely trumps Mapquest!

Apple picking reminds me of home. Sigh! So jealous!