Thursday, September 04, 2008

september four

Last night upon getting in from knitting (where Mack was not too happy), Jamie spent some time with him and around 10:30 pm he fell asleep in the swing. I brought the monitor downstairs and hooked it up next to him, and went upstairs to bed. I totally wasn't expecting it, but he slept in the swing until 7 am this morning. I got a fabulous night's sleep, but it was well worth it. I'm super happy that he was able to sleep in the swing so long. Honestly, it's a savior! Wow, 9 hours of sleep. Here's to hoping it happens tonight again?!

So...! The reason I love my husband on our 3rd anniversary (which is in two weeks)....

The beautiful ring he got me to celebrate. He told me there was a certain budget for a piece of jewelry (oops, I went over - but how could I not get this ring!), and he asked me if I wanted earrings or a necklace or a ring.... so I chose a ring. Last year I got a necklace. I've gotten earrings from him before, for other occasions, and decided that I needed a new ring for my right hand.

It's super gorgeous. What girl doesn't love diamonds?

And what did he want as an anniversary present?
A new hockey bag, a new hockey stick, and I also got him 3 nice sweater shirts.
(Not thick sweaters, but inbetween long-sleeve t-shirt and sweater style).
We'll also be going out for dinner on our anniversary.

My garden update:

I'm seeing red. And lots of it!

And a sunflower is starting to bloom, almost 100% done.

Last week I saw a skein of yarn that Susan B. Anderson was knitting with.
I hate to have a ball for myself.

Had to get my hands on some.... now. So I did. Opal Feelings #1702.

And I received today in the mail, another installment of the Scout's Swag Sock Club yarn. Posa is the name of the colorway. It's yummy. I love the color combo. (Speaking of Scout's Swag - does anyone have Rowing Home (1st kit/installment colorway) knitted up or in progress of knitting up? I cannot find it on Ravelry, and I cannot find it via a google search. I want to see how it knits up before deciding whether I really don't like it or not and destash it. So anyone? Bueller?)

Today I had a blah day. In the morning I had my cleaning lady here, I love it when she leaves and my house is clean. Sean took a long nap this afternoon, but Mack didn't want to go down while he was napping, but eventually I did get him to sleep a bit in the swing, and he slept in the swing while I did some stash photography. I'm in the progress of finally uploading all the yarn I have in my stash to Ravelry. It's going to be along ongoing process, but I'll get there. Apparently I have a lot of stash! (I'm not complaining!) Right now I've uploaded 7534 yards of yarn to Ravelry.

Ooohhhh! Contest idea! Can you guess how many total yards of yarn that I have in my personal stash? I'll only know myself once I've uploaded everything into Ravelry, but I'll make sure to close the contest before I'm 100% finished, so that no one can just add it up and cheat! And the yardage of yarn will not include my Robyn's Nest stash - so don't worry. That yarn belongs to Robyn's Nest and not my personal stash... Oh, I like this idea! Start guessing - you may win a prize!

Tonight's the last night for my 3 Day Labor Day Sale. Tomorrow morning when I wake up, everything will be back to regular price. (20% discount is applied in your shopping cart - not on the regular pages). Also - tomorrow morning, I'll re-list the Sock Club kits, which were the only product taken down because they weren't on sale.

Tonight Jamie and I went to Parent/Teacher Orientation for Sean's class that starts next week. We were there for over an hour (totally wasn't expecting it to last that long, but it did). It was great to see some of Sean's friend's moms and meet some of the dads. Sean will have 2 teachers this year, and 1 of them, is really good friends with my in-laws and she was actually at our wedding. I'm really happy that Sean will be in good hands. He starts next Thursday (and so do I for the first 5 weeks). (Separation program)

Today was just a blah day. I'm hoping it's cooler out tomorrow though I have a feeling it'll be another scorcher of a day... fun. Thank heavens I have working A/C! Or I think I'd rip my hair out.

Tonight, while watching some TV with Jamie, I ripped back a number of repeats in my Chevron Scarf. Yep, remember that scarf? I'd noticed an error the last time I picked it up and it was really bothering me. So I ripped back to the last good row, and I'm ready to go again on it. I really need to start finishing projects and NOT starting any more new projects. (Knitting A.D.D. much?) I think I have 10 started projects and 3 single socks that need their mate. Yep, it's insane. At least some of the projects are just for me, and have no deadline.... And there is some yarn I'm waiting for to start my nephew's birthday gift, as his birthday is in November. And I wanted to knit 1 more garment for my husband's cousin for her baby shower. Argh! Not enough hours in the day! Really!


Jennifer said...

the ring is beautiful!!!

kate-the-enabler said...

Happy (early?) anniversary - the ring is lovely - is emerald your birthstone, or do you just love it?
The Scout's swag colourway is pretty gorgeous too - some good swag for a blah day - hope today is happier for you.
cheers -

Zonda said...

Happy Early Anniversary! That's a beautiful ring! Lovely yarns there too! :)

Bea said...

Beautiful Ring. It was a good choice.

The garden looks wonderful. I'm glad your sunflower decided to bloom.

Jennifer Lori said...

Nice ring!

I'm guessing 25,000 yards of stash yarn.


Bertha said...

Hmmm, let's see...I just checked mine, and I'm currently at 122,451 yards. I have no idea how big your stash is, but it's probably close in size to mine, so I'm gonna guess around....110,000 yards!

Amelah said...

Very nice ring Robz! Although much nicer in person lol!!! :)

Sean and Mack were good boys Thursday night! Although I see no mention of your awesome baby sitters!!! ;P

Hmm...yardage of your personal stash I would have to guess....
65,981? lol

Big Girl Feet said...

gorgeous ring girl!!
and your garden is awesome! you've got lots of yummy tomatoes!! ours perished, they started forming then fell off the vines. I think off 4 plants, we got about 3 tomatoes. I'm so jealous of yours!!

hmm my guess for your stash yardage would be 55,000 yds... :)))

O. said...

Love the ring!!! Gifts of that sort are the best for an anniversary, then you can keep it forever and ever ;)
And, Happy Anniversary! Mine is coming up in a week too. :)

I'll say 80,000 of yarn! :)

O. said...

oops, I think I put a wrong blog adress in the signature - I was just reading at that knitting one, forgive me... :)
ok, once more, with my own blog address now... :)

Shelley said...

That ring is gorgeous!! You're one lucky girl!!

Shelley said...

I forgot to leave a guess for yardage (then double clicked by accident when posting so I don't think it went through)...I'll guess 75,495.

Laural Dawn said...

Love the ring! Very pretty :)
Isn't the first night of full sleep amazing? That was the only place Matt could sleep as a baby! (Chloe just sits in it and looks baffled. It's kind of funny)

ikkinlala said...

What a gorgeous ring!

As for your stash, I'll guess 72318 yards.

Jen said...

Happy Anniversary - I'll put in a guess of 57821 (ish) meters

Heddy said...

Happy Anniversary -- I guess 14,925 yards

g-girl said...

aww, the ring is lovely! wow, look at that sunflower. gorgeous!! how exciting that sean's class is going to be starting soon!

Nell said...

Gorgeous ring!!! Can your husband call my husband????

kate-the-enabler said...

Hmmm. I'll guess 70,000 even ;)
Hope you're having fun with the measuring/photographing!

dawn said...

Love the ring. I'm going to guess 9,989.

Tara said...

Wow, can you get Jamie to take Phil aside and teach him a couple of things about wedding anniversary presents? Please?

OK, I'll guess you've got 33,489 yards of stash yarn.

Jersey said...

Lovely ring - congrats.

My guess is 22,000 yards

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

My guess will be 47.814 yards, and every inch of it anxiously waiting for your magic touch to turn it into something wonderful.

Elaine said...

Happy anniversary.

I'll go with 20988 yards

Great ring

Turtle said...

Happy early anniversary! Our 17th is just around the corner, not sure what we are doing but going away...he is suprising me! Beautiful ring!!

So jealous, your tomatoes are red!!

43,860 yards ( an di am so thinking in a conservative way, your stash may be 3 times this amount!)

purple-power said...

Your ring is gorgeous.

As for yardage - it's interesting how the guesses are all over the map. I'll go with 44,000.

And I'm purple on Ravelry

Nell said...

Somehow I missed the contest part!!!

I'm saying... 40,000 yards.

Kristen said...

Yay- a contest! I'll guess 53,000 yards.

danielle said...

My stash guess is 18,835

Lovely ring - Happy anniversary!

blogless in NJ said...

Oh what a beautiful ring.

I'll guess 29088 yards.

I'm bloglessinnj AT gmail DOT com

Jenny Girl said...

This ring is beautiful! Wear it well.
My guess would be 129,515 yards.

tom said...

What a ring! Fab!

My guess is 34,000 just because. Sounds like an awful lot of yards doesn't it?

Well however much you have, if it brings joy, it's great!


Anonymous said...

I think you'll end up with...28,524 yards of yarn in your stash. Completely arbitrary number there! I love how you photographed some of your yarn to look like ice cream cones. :)

Now I'm curious how much is in mine. My Ravelry stash page isn't totally up-to-date, thanks to random grab bags of cheap yarn that I don't feel motivated to list, but given what's in there's about 49,689 yards. *gulp* I suppose the 10,000+ yards of laceweight might have a lot to do with it.

Rachel O said...

Great ring.

I'll go with 48800. Finish up soon - I'm curious. I have absolutely no idea how much I have.

Bea said...

OK I'll guess 46579 yards of yarn. I feel like I could be on the lower end of things.

undeadgoat said...

My guess is 70,035 -- if you post that you've surpassed this before the contest closes, though, may I guess again? :P

dawn said...

Ok I'm going to guess again cause my last guess was way off. I say 50,101 yards.

Laura said...

Hmm my guess is 46,207 wonderful, luxourious yards!

Snarsh said...

I'm gonna guess..... 75,134

tom said...

Since you haven't seemed to post the winner yet, I guess you're still not done uploading all, so I'll update my guess.

How about 51,000 yards. Oy vey!

Elaine said...

I see a couple of people have updated their guesses. I hope it's OK to update mine too.

I'll guess 58,000 yards.

That sure is a lot of yarn!

Jersey said...

OK - I'll try again.

How about 64,000 yards.

blogless in NJ said...

It seems like you're still not done uploading your stash, and since my guess was way under, I'm going to update it if that's OK.

I'll guess 66,019. there's some significance there but I can't figure out what it is :-)

OK - I'm afraid to look again and see that you now have a million yards of stash.

Catherine said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!

I'm going to guess somewhere around 64,500 yards. :o)

Secretly Spun said...

I'll go for 79864 meters. Good luck with the stashing