Sunday, September 07, 2008

september seven

This morning we had family over for brunch. Don't you love Sean's Cream Cheese mustache? It's just too cute. He likes eating things "whole" now, though, there are still some stuff that I want to have cut up, so he doesn't choke. He's such a big boy, though.

We've got peppers in different sizes from the garden. Penny for scale. I am really shocked on how small they've not grown! I know that some of them are mini bells, but the early calwonders? What's stunting their growth?

This afternoon I went to do a return at Toys R Us with my mom and both boys. I also found a few things that we needed including a full piece swim suit for Mack in 3-6 month size and as well in 6-12 month size. I've already got a 12 month size one that I grabbed when I had gotten Sean's 18 month size full piece swim suit. So Mack won't ever get cold in the pool, and in the sun he'll be protected from UV. I started my Aqua Strollers class next week, and I'm hoping that the 3-6 month size swim suit fits him now. It's really cute, with Superman's logo on it. (Pictures of him in it will come soon, be sure of it!)

This evening we had dinner at my parents house with everyone and I've been folding laundry, winding mini-skeins for my blankie project, and preparing orders to be shipped. Watched some TV with Jamie (Big Brother and Monk) and I should go hit the sack and get some sleep.

Oh! I got my iPod Touch working. I won't have to go to the mall to the apple store tomorrow. (Phew! It kinda seemed like a waste). Anyhow, I had to update the firmware on my router and re-set up the network in our house, but all is good now, so I'm super happy about that, and everything is working well on my iPod touch. YEY! It was a little aggravating to set up, but all is good.

Since I'm no longer going to the mall tomorrow, I'm not sure what is going on. I'm not going to playgroup tomorrow, as it's in the city and I don't want to struggle with parking (the area it's in has poor parking) and also I don't want to possibly get stuck in traffic both ways, and then have to get there late and leave early. I'm not the only one who is "ditching" out tomorrow due to it being in the city, and another girl who I spoke to about this is going to mention that when the next set of rotation comes up (when we plan who's week will be when at their house), that we will not be putting anyone who lives in the city down on the list, and if they still wish to come to the playgroup, it'll be west island only for houses as a) the majority of us (10 out of 12 of us) are West Islanders and b) parking in the area of those 2 who do live in the city are the pits. Plus, this playgroup should be close to home... and we shouldn't have to run all around the city with our babies. That's just how some of us feel anyhow.


Bea said...

I don't know what's up with the peppers. They look yummy though.

illahee said...

hey! lovely pictures as always. good luck with the playgroup.

do you mind if i add you to my blogroll?

Craftlover said...

I love your blog!
You have received a Blue Ribbon!
Come claim it on my blog.

by the way, how many teeth does Sean has so far?
He can eat all by himself now?
I still need to feed ERika for every meal, she can only feed cheerios, or anything SMALL PIECES by herself, because she only has 6 1/2 teeth so far...

g-girl said...

mine look like that too but we haven't picked them yet. i just did a search though and apparently some get only 1.5 inches in length!