Friday, September 12, 2008

september twelve :: 89 weeks old

Sean is 89 weeks old today. (And yes, that's Robyn's Nest swag hanging in the background! I got swag for Rhinebeck! I cannot wait to go, and I'll be there with both boys, my mom and my sister. We'll be there on Saturday. Very very very excited. If you're going, please leave me a comment to let me know! I'd like to meet you! (The little t-shirt in front is for Sean! He wanted one too!)

Today we all got to sleep in. Mack got up around 5:15 am, after going to bed around 10 pm last night. I got him at around 5:30 am, and gave him a bottle. He wasn't interested in going back to sleep so I went to the den, put him into the swing, and fell asleep on the couch. He must have fallen asleep as well because when Jamie left for work around 8:30 am, he was asleep in the swing. We all got up around 10 am when Sean woke up and started calling for me. I love it when he calls for me... "Mommy....!" Oh I love it.

This afternoon we headed with my mother to the mall. I had a bunch of errands that I was able to do all in the same place, which is kind of nice to take care of them all together. We had lunch at the mall too, Sean flirted with any lady that made eyes at him that walked by, offered his hot dog to the women too - it was cute. Such a flirt. He's going to break a lot of hearts later on in life, isn't he?

Back in July I won a contest over at Emilee Knits. She's the designer behind Foliage. Knitty Link, Ravelry Link. She offered to knit me Foliage in the color choice that I told her. So I said green. I believe it's in Malabrigo yarn, and it's soft and lovely. Thank you so much Emilee for hosting the contest. I love the shade of green, it's gorgeous.

Tonight my in-laws came for dinner and then I watched some TV with Jamie. We're in the middle of watching the tv series Chuck. They're about to start Season 2, so we're catching up on Season 1. It's a cute series. And the guy playing Chuck (Zachary Levi) is such a cutie. Have you seen this show?

I've been playing telephone tag with the daycare. I missed their call today, unfortunately. I'm trying to book an appointment to go see their facility, which is my "in". As soon as they call you for this, that means you have a spot. I'm not going to believe it though, until I hear it from their mouths that I have a spot for Sean.... today at the mall I bumped into a mother who has her daughter at that daycare, and she's going on week 2 now. Today she said was the first time her daughter didn't cry when she left her there. Though, she said that her daughter would get distracted and stop crying 5 minutes after her mother left. I wonder how Sean would react to a fuller time daycare than the class he's taking at the Y. I guess I'll find out. I'm not planning to put him in full time, but I definitely want him to have social interactions with other kids more often, and I need to have some time to do work and errands and stuff with just 1 kid instead of 2. It's really hard to do things with both boys alone, and I can't always expect my mom or sister to be available to help, which is fine. Sean's at a stage where he is a handful to take places sometimes. He wants to touch everything and get into everything. Which is completely normal. I just can't wait for him to get out of that stage!

Tonight I'm swatching for a test knit I'm doing for someone. I can't show you details until the pattern is released (which I believe it'll be for sale October 1st) - so I better get cracking. So I assume after October 1st I'll be able to show it to you!


Jennifer said...

we LOVE chuck and yes, he is adorable!

Anonymous said...

I'll be at Rhinebeck on Saturday meeting up with a bunch of friends from the Spring Fling retreat and Ravelry - hope to see you there :-)


Jennifer Lori said...

We love Chuck at our house too! We saw all of Season 1 when it aired live, season 2 starts soon. (But it might have switched from Mondays to Saturdays, not sure yet).

That green hat looks gorgeous on you! Nice color for you!

p.s. Test knit? What test knit? *wide eyed look of innocence*

Bea said...

The green hat looks awesome on you. I think that the day care will be good for both of you.

Anonymous said...

Love that hat!!!

I went to Rhinebeck last year ... total BLAST!!!! I had so much fun and spent SO much money, it's not even funny. But I had a really great time. Can't go this year ... wedding and all. Have a great time!

g-girl said...

we watched a bit of chuck but got behind. my fiance really likes it. love the hat! it looks good on you. :) hope you're able to do your tour soon and get to hear it straight from their mouths that sean has a spot!

Tara said...

That hat looks awesome on you! I've got some spare Malabrigo in the stash, I may just knit one for myself.

dawn said...

I love the hat, and it's knit with malabrigo. Something else to add to the queu