Monday, August 31, 2009

august thirty-one

I couldn't sleep last night. It's my laptop's fault. I ended up going to bed for about 2 and a half hours this morning at 6 am until the kids got up at 8:30 am. I'm zonked but oddly functioning. I ended up cleaning up my house, doing laundry all night long (and folding them too!) and a dishwasher load. I just kept thinking about possibly losing everything on my hard drive and I just couldn't sleep because of it.

This morning after dropping off Sean at daycare, I headed straight for the store. Sean didn't want to go to daycare today, and I think it was because he was home all last week and now he seems to think that all mommy does all day is hang out in bed and watch Sprout. Uhm, quite not... but he doesn't understand that. I think it's going to be a long week this week with the 2 drop offs at daycare. I know for sure, Mack's going to cry all this week. He's too attached to me to go to daycare willingly!

My hard drive was saved. Phew! We were able to take out the hard drive and put it into an enclosure and back up all my data. Though - that took almost 3 hours. We started with one of the partitions of my hard drive and while that was doing (over an hour), I went out and ran some errands nearby, whatever I was able to get done.

After my back up was complete (and checked), I sent my laptop via Purolator to the manufacturer (after speaking to their repair department and getting all the information needed to get my laptop fixed by them.

This afternoon my mother came over with her dog, and we walked with Mack to go pick up Sean from daycare. I took my Graco double stroller, and it looked so empty on the way there with only one child. It was a very nice walk. Sean's teachers were impressed with my mom's Great Dane Bosco. My mom stayed outside with Mack & Bosco while I went into to get Sean, but from the classroom window, they were admiring him. On our walk back, we stopped off at my friend Dara's house. We got some water for Bosco and chatted for a bit. I really like Dara and I'm glad that her son will be taking another course with Mack this fall. Dara and I seem to get along really well. It doesn't bother me that Dara is almost 12 years older than me. To be honest, I don't even notice an age difference when we're hanging out together.

This evening I finished the Guild Newsletter as I'm the editor. It's a volunteer position but I love doing it. I am glad that they asked me to stay on as newsletter editor this year. I would have had it finished a lot earlier if my laptop would have turned back on last night, but I had to start from scratch today once all the files were re-emailed to me. Working at my computer in my office is very restricting. I miss the freedom with my laptop. I cannot wait to get my laptop back and it's only just left my posession.

Upon a seat sale, I booked my tickets to Florida for the new year. I'll be going down again with my mother, sister and my two kids to visit my grandmother in her condo there. I am very excited to go down again. Mack's ticket is still free of charge since he's under 2 years old (He'll be 19 months old) but he'll have to sit on my lap for the entire flight. That will certainly be challenging. The last time we flew down, he was almost 7 months old, I wore him in my baby sling carrier and he slept almost the entire flight. I don't think I'll be wearing a 19 month old. I'm praying it's NOT a full flight, and there will be room for him to have his own seat in the end. Keeping my fingers crossed. In anycase, I need to update Mack's passport since he was 4 months old in his last passport picture and he doesn't look like that picture anymore. Canadian babies are given one free update passport if their passport was issued between birth and 364 days old. Mack falls into that category. All I have to do is take new pictures and refill out the passport form. I do hope I am able to get his old passport back, as it would be a nice souvenir to keep in his memory box.

Off to go pack Mackenzie's stuff for his first day of daycare tomorrow. I'm nervous!

I can't believe tomorrow is September. S-E-P-T-E-M-B-E-R!


Bea said...

I have to get my passport updated too. They actually want me to send in my original marriage certificate for a couple of months while it processes. Seems crazy to me.

Tara said...

We're going to be heading to Florida next Winter as well! When are you going?