Thursday, August 27, 2009

august twenty-seven

Somehow I managed to run out of size 5 diapers for Sean. I've never done that before. Ever. I'm usually very well prepared/stocked when it comes to things like that. I did find 3 to tide me over until my mom came at around 11 am so that I could run to Walmart to buy more.

This morning took me 30 minutes to give Mack his medication. He fought me like you wouldn't believe. I really should have either given it to him when Jamie was still home this morning or waited until my mother came over to watch the boys. Extra hands are always welcome. I really wished there was an easier solution to giving Mack his medication. Unfortunately I feel like there ends up being more medication on him then in him.

This morning my sister's boyfriend's cousin came over and bought my camera. She came over with the balance of what she owed me for my Canon Rebel, and it's now no longer in my possession. I cannot wait for the new one to come out... I'm missing my DSLR already.

While I was at Walmart I ended up picking up a case of the no name brand Walmart Diapers. They have Caillou on them (my kids love Caillou). I am curious to know how they are, so we'll see come next week. I am going to send the case to daycare. They are significantly cheaper than Huggies or Pampers. We'll see if they are any good on him. While I was at Walmart I picked up some new white socks to replace the handful of Jamie's socks that I turned pink. I am not even sture how that happened as I was Jamie's stuff separately from anything else, and I am positive that I haven't washed anything red or even pink. I really do not understand it. I'd love to say that one of the kids threw something into the washing machine before doing the cycle, but there wasn't anything at all - nothing even in the pockets.

Mack took a nice long nap when I got home from Walmart, and Sean helped me clean up my shoes and my purses. I have a ton that I don't want anymore, it felt great to clean up. Sean however, I couldn't get him to nap, which was alright, because he went to bed early tonight. I really don't like this lack of napping business. He's two and a half, he should still need his sleep. I thought most kids nap until they're about 4 or 5 years old. Heck, sometimes I wish that I could have the luxury to nap every day. I wish!

Tonight Jamie made stuff on the barbecue for dinner. After the kids went to bed, I watched with Jamie Big Brother, Nurse Jackie, Weeds, and Entourage. Then I watched the movie Sunshine Cleaning. Very odd movie, but I liked it regardless. Have you seen it? If not, you totally should.

Today, the local pharmacy dropped off Mack's prescription for his eye drops. He caught the same eye infection that Sean has. Trying to give Mack those eye drop is world war 4. I swear! I feel bad for Mack not wanting to get eye drops put into his eyes, but it's the only way to clear the eye infection. I had no idea that the pharmacy even delivered. Very good to know for the future.


Amelah said...

I wish at work we could have nap time!!!!

Any purses for me to go through???

dawn said...

My 2 almost 3yo refuses to nap most days too. If he does nap then it takes forever to get him to go to bed. No win situation.

Bea said...

I can totally see where no naps could suck quite a bit.

Tara said...

WasnT' Mack's medication also available as an onguent? Putting drops in babies' eyes is the WORST!

g-girl said...

oh no...more medication wars with mack?? sigh..