Sunday, August 09, 2009

august nine :: 136 weeks old

Sean is 136 weeks old today and decided that Pooh Bear should be in our photo today.

Sean got up at 5 am this morning. FIVE am. And screamed. SCREAMED until about 9:30 am, when Mack finally got up. No idea how Mack slept through Sean's screaming, but he did. Sean didn't just cry, he cried with fits. Screaming fits. I can't even describe it. Nothing calmed him down. Nothing soothed him. Not even sure what he was upset/angry/mad/hurting about. It started in his bed, and ended up in my bed. I'm a zombie today, I can't even begin to explain how I feel. A complete disaster, is how I feel.

After Sean felt better, late morning Jamie took him to the park for a little while. Mack stayed back at home with me, and destroyed my bedroom wile I did some work. He played peek-a-boo with this towel that he found in my laundry basket, which he ended up dumping all out.

This afternoon I worked on this piece of art, which I gave to my parents tonight for their 30th wedding anniversary, along with another gift I got them with my brother & sister. The scrabble board has all our names on it. It took me quite some time to put this together, as I had to work the placing of each name properly. I also had to make sure that I had all the correct tiles. But I had a ton of fun working on it! I wanted to see if I could find a solution for hanging it on the wall, but couldn't in time, so I'm going to see if my mom could come up with an idea for framing or mounting it to the wall. I thought it would be a neat addition to their home. I really want to make one for my house now. I'll have to thrift another game though, for the board! (Tiles, I have plenty!)

So, this evening we had dinner at my parents house for their 30th wedding anniversary. All my grandparents were there tonight too (my dad's parents and my mom's mom). It's always nice when the entire family is together for special events/occasions. We had pasta from one of my fave local italian joints and it was delicious as always. Yum!

Jamie and I just finished watching Big Brother, which was on tonight, and I worked a bit on Macduff hat. I'm seeing her tomorrow, so I wanted to give it to her then, but there's no way it'll be done on time. I'm beat from getting up way too early this morning, so I'm going to call it a night. Maybe read a little in bed, but I know it won't take me long to fall asleep (if I can actually, and I don't get second wind).


g-girl said...

oy. you poor dear. 5 in the morning??? and he kept going until 9:30??? that is just madness. i wonder what was wrong. i really like the scrabble board with all your names on it!

Anonymous said...

just wondering...why are there blank tiles by mark and mackenzie's name? anybody expecting?

Heddy said...

It i not really a fancy idea, but you could try a plate hanger (you can usually get them at a jewellry store or a dollar store, or a hardware store) ... used to hang cina plates. They have 2 pieces of bent wire connected by 2 long springs, and they are good for hanging china plates or other things that are an awkward size/shape.

Bea said...

Now I get the anonymous tile reference. This is really cute!

Happy 30th to your parents.

Anonymous said...

I love that scrabble tile gift- what a great idea!

Tara said...

The scrabble gift is a great idea! Very nice.