Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dear Anonymous

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "august nine :: 136 weeks old":

just wondering...why are there blank tiles by mark and mackenzie's name? anybody expecting?

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your inquiry on if anyone is expecting. The answer is no. There are blank tiles by Mackenzie's name which were photoshopped out. Those tiles spell out my parents last name, they don't appreciate their last name on the internet and I respect their privacy. So that's why there are blank tiles. No, I am not pregnant. Neither is my sister. I have no plans to get pregnant right now, especially since my husband does not want any more kids. And even if I were to convince him to try for that girl I'd like to one day have, I wouldn't do it right now, as it's a lot of work with kids close in age. Plus, I just spent 6 months losing weight, I want to enjoy my body for a while before considering gaining weight for a pregnancy again. If that were to ever happen.

I find it funny that people like to "hide" behind anonymous comments...


Amelah said...

Well said :)

sandrajager said...

I agree with your sister - very well said. It isn't anyone's business, in any case.