Monday, August 10, 2009

august ten

I woke up with a runny nose today. I really feel blah. Sean asked me tonight why I was blowing my nose a lot. I told him my nose was running. He told me to go run after it. Silly kid, that's an old one! But I let him think he was funny anyhow.

Sean went to daycare today. After having him home almost all last week from daycare, it was nice for him to go again. He missed his friends. He missed his teachers. He was asking to go back. I needed him to go back as well. I did work all day from home, and Mack is such a good baby that he allows me to do so. Though, I'll be more efficient with my work once he is in daycare, which is now less than a month away. Three weeks tomorrow. Tuesday, September 1st he starts.

My cutie dumped out the toys from the green bin to sit in it.

And then somehow he managed to fit into this wicker basket. The wicker basket has been holding toys. Mack dumped out the toys and squeezed himself into it. Too darn cute. And look at this smile on his face. He's so proud of himself for accomplishing his goal!

I ordered in lunch today from a place we usually order from. I ordered a grilled chicken chef's salad. I was engrossed in my work and didn't want to take a break to make myself anything. (Ok, I'll face it, I was too lazy to go into the kitchen). I couldn't understand why it took over an hour to get to me. Never had it take that long from this restaurant before. Then, when trying to pay by card in his machine at the door, the thing doesn't work. After about 10 tries, we finally got it to work. If I would have had cash on me, I would have given that to him as payment, as I was that hungry. But I didn't. And he wasn't leaving with my food either.

Tonight for dinner we ended up ordering from the same place I ordered my lunch from (I didn't care) and I ended up having the same exact thing for dinner that I had for lunch. (I didn't mind). It was rather delicious. A nice huge chef's salad with grilled chicken. Yum. Got faster service/delivery at dinner.

Tonight we chilled and watched some TV. Tonight's line up was Nurse Jackie & Weeds. We also watched Season 1 Episode 1 of Hung. Interesting show. I'll give it another few episodes to see if I like it enough to keep watching it. Jamie had heard about Hung from someone and we said we'd give it a shot. I folded the laundry that I did today (trying to stay on top of the laundry these days, which is getting better than my usual procrastination with the laundry) and then when that was done I worked on my Clapotis. I'm almost done the body and almost at the decrease section. Getting there! I'll take a progress shot shortly.


g-girl said...

i love it!! he told you to go run after your nose?? too cute! goodness, mack looks so grown up in these pics! and the one where he's sitting in the lil basket-he totally looks like sean! maybe it took so long cos it was during the lunch rush? who nkows.

Bea said...

Hopefully you are feeling better?

Tara said...

I love the look on their faces when they have what they feel like is a big "Ta-Daaaaaaaaa!" moment. Brilliant!