Wednesday, August 05, 2009

august five :: 59 weeks old

Mack is 59 weeks old today.

Sean had 100.5 fever today upon waking up. Both of the kids got up at 6 am this morning. I was able to get Mack to fall back asleep in my bed, which was cute because he never sleeps in my bed. Though, he only slept (not sure how long it was as I was half asleep) until Sean decided to kick him in the face. Boys. Joy. I sense a lot of sibling rivalry in the future, unless I can find a way to avoid it. The next book I want to read, which is called, How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber, has another book called Siblings Without Rivalry. Maybe I should get that one too. I hope to read the How to Talk book as soon as I'm done reading Unravelled by Robyn Harding, which I seem to be more than half way done. Cute book, though not fantastic. (It's fiction, and is knitting related - about a group of friends and a knitting circle they start).

I missed Mack's music class this morning due to a misunderstanding on time with my parents, but was able to go to work for a few hours and they watched them both at their house. Normally it isn't an issue for my parents to watch them, but today is their 30th wedding anniversary. (Happy 30th Anniversary Mom & Dad!) I made sure to not stay late at work today, did what work I had to do and then ran back to pick up the kids. It took me unfortunately longer than usual to get back to my parents house today, than normal. Usually it takes me just under 30 minutes but today it was almost 45 minutes.

Tonight I had knit night with the West Island Knits. We were a full house tonight! Our table was full! I wanted to work on MacDuff, but couldn't because the circular needle I brought just wasn't working out - I need to do it on DPN's. There was no way 96 stitches was going nicely around a 16" cables. It would have if the entire needle with the cable was 16" but the cable itself was 16" and then add on the length of each needle. So I worked on my Clapotis instead. I'm nearing the end of the body and will be doing to decreases soon. I'm glad I brought other knitting with me tonight!

I received my Hydro bill today in the mail. Apparently last year they miscalculated my yearly consumption and I owe them close to 1000$. They had calculated that my monthly consumption would be 56$ and change a month. That's what I've been paying for the last year, which had gone down from 76$ and change a month. I should have been paying 135$ a month or something. So now, if I don't pay them the almost 1000$ by next bill due date, they'll automatically distribute the amount I owe them over 12 months (which is what I'll have them do, no way I'm forking out almost 1000$ to them in one shot now, especially when we have a few renovations to do outside the house before winter comes - like a railing for the front stairs) and I'll owe them the new monthly installment of 135$ and change plus 79$ and change for the differed installment that they miscalculated for this past year. What a blow! At least I got good news recently from Gaz Metro that my consumption is lower and my bill went down for 2009-2010. (They both seem to adjust for July to August statements). I knew something was fishy with the low amount of Hydro as we were paying more when we were living in our duplex, and our house is twice the size!


g-girl said...

yowza $1000?? good thing they can just distribute that amount over 12 months. sean kicked mack in the face?? :( poor kid.

Bea said...

Funny how Sean loves sleeping in your bed and Mack doesn't.

Happy 30th Robyn's Mom and Dad!!!

Wow about the hydro bill. We have a bigger house then you but I'm pretty sure we pay a lot less per month. Then again no kids...

Tara said...

You were only paying 56$ a month? You're right, that IS weird. Thank goodness you can spread it out though, right?