Wednesday, August 19, 2009

august nineteen:: 61 weeks old

Mack is 61 weeks old today.

This morning when I dropped off Sean at daycare I chatted with another mom. Her daughter is 2 days younger than Sean. Her daughter is moving up from Sean's old class next week to his new class. They're slowly moving up the older kids to make room for the babies that are starting in September. I'm so disappointed that it's not Mack starting in that class. That he has to wait for 18 months old and then wait for a spot to be available. Trust me, starting mid-November, a month before he turns 18 months old, I'll be working my magic for that spot for him.

I stopped by Acura this morning and had them fix the fuse for my A/C adaptor outlet. It blew a fuse and I can't have the DVD player in the back seat not working. Glad they were able to fix it right away. I also had them de-activate my car starter. I don't need it until winter and there seems to be something not working 100% with it, as it's automatically locking my doors a few seconds after I turn off the ignition. By the time I have stepped one foot out of the car, the car locks. I can't even open the back door for any of the kids. The car doesn't allow me that much time. It's darn annoying. So for now, until my next car check-up at the dealership (which is schedule in a couple of weeks shortly before my lease is up), I'm going to have it looked at properly. (I think I'm keeping my car, since I love it, but it's not 100% set in stone yet). (My car lease is up on my 4th Blogaversary - I got my car the day I started this blog).

This morning I stopped by my cousin Jenn's house to bring her something and I showed her my broken glasses. Yes, the arm snapped off while I was in Mississauga, while they were on my face. Very odd. The arm didn't even snap in half. The entire arm came off. Jenn called her dad, and my glasses are from 2004. Parts are no longer available. (It's the front I'd need, since the arms are in 100% condition). Pooey. They're my fave pair of glasses. So, I'll be crazy gluing/super gluing them back together. For now, it's the only option. I honestly think I have some good enough crazy glue at home, or super glue, whatever you want to call it, that would work wonderfully. Jenn's husband mentioned some other fancy glue, but I'll only go with that if my first attempt doesn't work. There's no harm in trying, since I can't get replacement parts. Crossing my fingers it works... they're really my fave pair. And not even "out dated" since they're from 2004. Still in style, if you ask me! Because they're funky of course.

I went to Ariadne today. I got to play around with Rachael's Nikon camera (helping out with a photoshoot while there - which was a lot of fun) and I'm totally obsessed now with wanting a Nikon. I think I'm 150% serious now about selling my Canon Rebel XT. I've had it now for 3 and a half years (got it Feb 7th, 2006) and I think it's about time to upgrade.

I think Mack is teething. He's drooling like mad.

Mack puts the phone to his ear now and says "HI". It's sooo cute. He's been doing it for a little now, finally caught a photo of it! I just love his expression in this photo.

Of course, I did some stash enhancement at Ariadne today. Since I didn't get any yarn on my trip to Mississauga, I indulged on some yarn that I've been eying for a while at Ariadne.

2 Skeins of Projekt B Worsted in Teal

3 Skeins of Projekt B Worsted in Purple

1 Skein of Projekt B Superwash Sock in Red

1 Skein of Projekt B Superwash Sock in Charcoal

1 Skein of Projekt B Superwash Baby Suri Alpaca in Purple

1 Skein of Projekt B Superwash Baby Suri Alpaca in Green

I enjoyed some Tasty Foods for lunch (my fave green pepper whole wheat pizza). It's one of the only things I really truly miss from living in the city. I really miss ordering from there! The one place in the west island that delivers whole wheat pizza - it just doesn't compare.

Mack took a late nap today, sleeping on the way home from being out. There was no transferring him into his crib though, once we got home. Those days are over. Once he's up he's up. Toddler nap all the way. No more baby in him. He's growing up to fast. It's so sad.

Tonight Jamie had a friend over, so I just chilled and watched some TV. I decided I am going to sell my Canon Rebel to get a Nikon DSLR, I just need to figure out who I am going to sell it to - sent some messages to a few people whom had inquired, and need to figure out (and research) which DSLR to get. Do you shoot Nikon? If so, what do you use? What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it?


Telmah said...

My fave glasses are from 2004, too. I stopped wearing my newer pair because I just like the old ones better! It's great to have a spare, though.

Bea said...

Chris has a couple of Nikon. I'll ask him about his and send you an email.

Tara said...

Nice stash enhancement. Again! I've never heard of Projekt B though, how is it?

g-girl said...

look @ all that yarn!!!!! your car seems to be up to some weird stuff. are you sure you're 100% sure you wanna keep it after your lease is up?? sorry to hear about your fave pair of glasses. were you able to fix them on your own? i have a nikon, but just a regular coolpix one. i can tell you that at least one of our wedding photographers had a nikon. i personally like nikon better than canon.