Saturday, August 08, 2009

august eight

Today after a bit of a sleep in, Jamie the kids and I headed to the mall. Jamie was in search of new jeans (since he can no longer get Calvin Klein Easy Fit at the Baie, and we have no idea where else to get them from) and found some really nice ones by Izod at the Baie. He looks mighty fine in them if you ask me. He's really picky about his jeans and he really likes these ones. We had lunch at the mall after jean buying and for the first time ever, Mack ate his entire hotdog off of a fork. I was so proud - I just had to document it (above). He's such a big boy.

We checked out Reno Depot after the mall and found some ideas for railings for our front steps. It's a danger in the winter on our stairs without them. A danger mainly for the mailman and our cleaning lady. I cannot think of anyone else really that uses our steps in the winter. We use the garage to get in and out as do our family members. The only other people that would use our stairs would be guests. It's important that we get a railing put up so no one falls. We found a couple that we like, so Jamie will go back with my dad (Mr. Handy) to finalize and pick the right size, etc.

After Reno, we headed to a tent sale for Play It Again Sports. They sell second hand (and brand new too I believe) sporting equipment. They just recently had a fire, and anything that was still in usable condition, was 70% off at their tent sale. There was a long line up, so Sean went with Jamie, and I stayed in the car (for an hour!) with Mack. Mack watched his DVD (I had in Seseme Street to entertain and educate him) and he decided to eat his foot, or at least try to...

And I worked on Macduff hat while we waited. I got a lot done on it. Jamie got himself some shoulder pads for hockey, and Sean got a pair of skates for 5$ (which are still too big for him) and the cutest pair of hockey gloves. I'll have to take a picture of Sean wearing them, they're so cute. Gloves like the players wear on ice. But they're 3 year old size. And just too.freakin'.adorable.

Upon getting home all 3 of my boys took a nap. It was nice and quiet in the house for a couple of hours, which was super nice. It was also super nice that Sean actually napped. Maybe we're back on track for weekend naps? This would be good.

I made some jewelry while they napped. I really enjoy making jewelry. I made some for some upcoming swaps that I have coming up, as well as some for myself. I've been on this huge earring kick (the jewelry that I made today). I'll never say no to earrings. I love them. Any kind. Dangle preferred!

Jamie had hockey tonight, so after our BBQ dinner, he got himself organized and left for the evening. I am going to go plop myself on the couch with my knitting (Clapotis) and see if I can get more done on it. Both the boys are in bed, and now it's peace & quiet again!


Amelah said...

Woman, we need to set a date to make our jewelry from last year!! When u get back, we pick a date!!!!

Aw Mack is a big boy..? Ok it is official, you need to have another little one!!! My nephews are growing too fast!

AHHA Mack likes to eat his feet like I used to!!!!

g-girl said...

cute pic of mack eating his foot! :) yay for eating a hot dog off a fork for the first time!

Bea said...

Go Mack Go!!

Good way to get some extra knitting time.

Tara said...

Toe jam is stock full of protein you know ;)