Wednesday, August 26, 2009

august twenty-six :: 62 weeks old

Mack is 62 weeks old today (and not feeling so great).

I sent my mother this morning to go pick up Sean's sheets from daycare, as he slept on them yesterday with his eye infection and I wanted to wash them before he goes back to daycare. I am going to keep him home for the rest of the week, hopefully to clear his runny nose (green goop is not fun!) even though he's only contagious for 48 hours after starting his antibiotics (until Thursday). I also asked her to pick up a medicine syringe that the pharmacy was supposed to give me to administer Mack's antibiotics. Let me tell you, trying to give Mack his antibiotics yesterday, even though he likes the taste of it, was very difficult. Even giving it to him this morning with the syringe - trying to get it down his throat was a disaster. Sean takes his medicine no problem, I have this spoon thing that I fill, and he drinks it no problem. I think Mack is just freaked out from the syringe, I don't know what to do. Anyone got any ideas??

While Mack took a nap, I got to color with Sean. He's really into the coloring thing lately.
We each colored a page. Sean wants to send his page to his Aunt & Cousin. I'll be tossing that into the mail the next time I am by a mailbox, as per Sean's request. I think they'll really like Sean's drawing. I'm impressed! And yes, I had fun coloring in Elmo. I forgot how much fun it was. We used the crayola mini twistables that I got in the mail yesterday in the swap package and I love those crayons. They just rock! They make no mess and they're very hard to break (Sean tends to break crayons).

And Sean insisted that he wind a ball of yarn into a cake. He has this fascination with my ball winder. I found him a ball of yarn that I didn't care for too much, and let him go wild. I hope he doesn't ask to do this too often, as this ball of yarn did end up in the garbage. (Knotted and all that jazz)

While my mom was over this morning I was able to peak into the garden to see what was doing. My mom wanted to know if I had a cucumber for her, so she didn't have to run to the grocery store (so I picked her a cucumber) and I gave her a ton of tomatoes as well (big and small). While peaking out in the garden I managed to see that we do indeed (FINALLY!) have cauliflower growing! We have about 9 or 12 (I can't remember how many there were) cauliflowers planted, and finally after months of growing, we have something coming. Though I'm hoping it's not too late in the season for them to fully grow. I need to look up in my vegetable book to see what the deal with cauliflower is.

There's also a ton of green peppers growing.

This is what I was able to pick today from the garden. Yum!

This afternoon I took care of some laundry, and did some folding too. I'm really trying to stay on top of the laundry. I'm hoping this new tiny resolution works out. It sucks to get behind on laundry. I also feel like I'm always doing laundry, so I'm hoping that I am able to stay on top of it, and that I don't, have to do it all the time - maybe once a week or something instead of for days straight. The never ending laundry really just never ends. I also made some phone calls and left some messages to see if any doctors in the area were taking new patients. With our family doctor going on maternity leave again, I was hoping maybe to find someone nearby, but I feel like I may be out of luck, as there aren't any doctors taking new patients at all. I understand the shortage but I don't see why nothing is getting done to rectify the situation. It just doesn't make sense at all.

This evening I went out to knit night, and what an evening it was. I don't even know where to begin. All was fine and dandy until we heard a screeching sound from a car. (You know when a car skids, that sound). Then all I saw was a wooden pole tumble over (later to discover it had a security camera on it). It was next to the terrace. Thankfully, no one was sitting outside tonight on the terrace since it was a windy evening. When that poll came tubling down, I jumped on top of the chair I was sitting on in fear that something electrical would electricute the building. In any case, a 40 something year old woman was driving down the road, heading south bound when she lost control of her car and hit the pole. Both of her air bags deflated though she was alone in the car. One side of the car was completely smashed in as it had wrapped itself around the security camera poll. My sister called 911. A driver that had been driving next to her stopped to help her and tried to opened her driver door and allowed the woman from the car to get out. We yelled for her to stay in the car as that is what the police told us, as the car was not smoking from any part of it, and told her to stay in the car until the paramedics arrived. She didn't listen one bit and got out anyways. She was talking and she walked over to the grass to sit down. She was even able to call some loved ones. She seemed okay until the fire trucks showed up. Firemen I believe are trained paramedics and got her in a neck brace and an oxygen mask on her. That's when I guess her adrenaline and shock wore off and she started to freak out and scream in pain.

It was quite the scene. There were really cute firemen on the scene. Hey, I'm allowed to look, just not touch, right? Police took statements from witnesses, and put up police tape, and after the car was towed, it quieted down and we went back to our knitting. It was quite the evening. I hope that woman is okay. Apparently she was feeling ill, and was too close to the car in front of her and lost control of her car. Her car is totalled, and hopefully she isn't. I hope she is not parylized in the end, because she was dumb enough to get out of her car on her own before help arrived. (And I mean by help police/firemen/ambulance). Actually, I'm quite suprised on how long it took the ambulances to show up. They were the last ones to arrive on the scene. Thank goodness for those cute firemen!

I got a bit of glass in my hair - which was shattered from her car. It was windy when we ran outside, and some blew into my hair and onto my sweater. I had to shake my hair out and then take a shower once I got home. I hope it's all gone now, and I don't find any more pieces tomorrow.

I did get to work a bit on my Drop Stitch Scarf, which was nice. I got some inches done on it, so I will have to take an updated photograph and post that soon. Stay tuned for that. I think my drop stitch scarf will end up being my "in between project" when I want a break from whatever else I'm working on.

Poor Mack now has Sean's same eye infection, so we got a prescription for him for the same eye drops. Poor guy. Both of them actually. I hope the feel better soon.


Big Girl Feet said...

Aww I hope your little guys feel better soon!
And crazy accident- wow! At least the lady was ok-ish- scary!

kate-the-enabler said...

Wow - I've been waiting to hear what the knit night excitement was since you posted a status update about it on FB. :)
As for meds - we shoot the syringe into the kids' cheeks (until they decide they like it, then they suck away happily) - and Liam's lately decided he'll only take his liquid vitamins from a big boy spoon - but it doesn't sound like those suggestions will help you very much...good luck

Amelah said...

What a crazy night! Never a boring night @ knit night! I hope she is ok! Too bad there is no way for us to find out?

Yes, you can look at the menu [aka firemen] you just are not allowed to order anything!!

Caroline said...

I have trouble staying on top of the laundry and it's only the two of us. I can't imagine how crazy it must be with two kids!

craftlover said...

wow, what a scene, where should I begin? although there was no picture for that horrible scene, but I could see it from your words. ;) glad that the glass pieces didn't hurt you.
I hope that woman is ok too. She had a very terrible experience huh!

I love Sean's ball winding picture. ahahha, Erika loves to do that for me, she found it fun too. hahaa the thing is; I don't have much 'unwanted' yarn for her to 'play with'. hahahah... :P (I sold them or donated them in Canada already!) too bad. hahaha

(I came to HK this morning, so, I could able to read your blog and write comment while Erika is taking a nap. How nice huh! But I will go back to CHINA few hours later.)

Living Inspired said...

Hope he feels better...poor little guy. As for the cauli, there should be no problem. They actually thrive in cooler and cold temps. Same for most of the other stinky vegetables (broccoli, brussel sprouts, etc).

I'm currently diving a bunch of plants and replanting them all over the yard. It's fun to more them around. I haven't forgotten about having you over one day to see the craft room! I haven't bought my paint yet though.

Bea said...

Wow crazy knitting night. Yummy stuff from the garden.

Tara said...

Who says knit nights aren't exciting, right? Sorry to hear about the eye infections, those things are really hard to get rid of.

g-girl said...

wow, what a crazy night! she probably got out of the car cos she didn't want it to explode or anything you know? plus the whole idea of having to stay inside a car that has just been in an accident doesn't sound like a good one. hopefully she's okay. check out your cauliflower! that's awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG that is great! I love your work! Guess I am not as up-to-date as your usual subscribers! I swear I have fallen in love with this blog... Fabulous writing! You're an outstanding and talented person, keep up the individuality :)