Saturday, August 29, 2009

august twenty-nine

This morning we decided to take the boys out for Breakfast so we went to Chez Cora. We don't go out for breakfast often (I'm not a huge breakfast eater).

Mackenzie certainly enjoyed his chocolate and banana crepe. (I think his parents were the ones who really wanted him to order that - Shh!)

We ran a Costco run after breakfast. We had some essentials to pick up and a full cart and a full trunk later, we were home, and I tried to put at least Mackenzie down for a short nap. Well, he wasn't having it. He sang, he banged toys, he threw toys out of his crib.

Mid afternoon I went with my sister to meet up with my mother & grandmother at the circus. They were at a local mall in their parking lot. My sister bought the boys some cotton candy, and Mack really enjoyed it. The blue dye didn't come off so fast afterwards either.

At intermission, Sean went with my sister on an elephant ride. They are the first two at the front of the elephant. Sean had been talking about going on the elephant ride with my sister, but then before the show chickened out. She managed to convince him at intermission. I'm not a fan of elephants in real life, yet I like to collect elephant statues, and have a full shelf of them in my dinning room. And after seeing an elephant go to the bathroom, I don't think I will ever complain about changing my children's diapers again. I certainly don't want to ever have an elephant as a pet.

Ran into everyone and their mother at the circus. It's the "thing" to do when you have a kid. The 4pm show seemed to be a real hit since it's after nap time and early enough before bedtime. The showing before, at 12:30pm would not have worked for us, since usually Mack naps in the afternoon starting just before/around/just after that time (but of course, except for today).

Thank you to my sister for her free passes. I couldn't believe that tickets were 20$ a person to go to the show (Mack would have been free anyhow, he's under 2 years old) but had we not had those free admission tickets, Sean would have been full fare - 20$. Insane! My sister got the passes because she let the circus put flyers in her store. In return, they gave her 3 passes which each admitted 2 people. Wasn't going to pass that up. And the kids had a great time. Maybe we'll get to take them again next year.

After the circus (which ran really late for a 4pm show) it was nearly 7pm when we got in. Jamie & I fed the kids, and put them to bed. They both hadn't napped today, so they both were ready for bed earlier than usual. After the kids were in bed, we ourselves ate a late dinner (we never usually eat this late, but tonight we wanted to open a bottle of wine and enjoy dinner after they'd gone to bed).

We just finished watching the movie The Hangover. First off, besides never wanting to waste another 2 hours of my life (100 minute movie), the one liners were just to die for. Laugh out loud funny. Second, Bradley Cooper is just yum, yum, yum. I definitely recommend you watching this movie once.


Bea said...

The circus sounds fun. Love the blue face.

Tara said...

That circus just set up their tent near my house. I was thinking about taking the kids. Would you recommend it?

g-girl said...

how fun that you all got to go to the circus!! i don't think i would've ridden on the elephant either. ugh..we tried watching the hangover last night but the disc we have is messed up so we've only seen about half of it-if that!