Monday, August 03, 2009

august three

I kept Sean home from daycare today. He had a cough, so I wanted to keep him home to make sure it goes away. It doesn't sound deep, so hopefully it'll pass. Mack's fever seems to be gone. He didn't have any all day. Sean on the other hand woke up this evening at 11:30pm after we'd put him to bed with 102 fever. I hope he feels better soon.

This morning I was looking over my credit card statement online to notice that a local greek restaurant we sometimes go to or pick up from (they don't deliver), had charged our card on Wednesday 58.31$. On Wednesday Jamie had picked up an order of tzadiki for the brochettes we barbecued and a side order of fries for the kids. There is no way this order came anywhere near 58$. So I called once they were opened, and my order was supposed to be 8.13$. The cashier seems to have added a 5 to the beginning of the total and reversed the 1 and the 3. We ended up having dinner from this restaurant for dinner, so they gave us back the difference in cash. Otherwise those would have been some really damn expensive fries.

My mom watched the kids this afternoon at my house so that I could do a couple of things around my house and to a post office run. I feel like I live at the post office lately. They know me by name there, and even ask about the kids if I am there without them. I'm glad I get such great service at the post office. It's nice to have that kind of friendly service there.

Sean didn't nap today. I don't know if it's because he wasn't feeling well - or because he just doesn't like to nap for me.

I got my final order from Doubleday Book Club Canada in the mail today. I purchased 3 books to fulfill my requirements for my memebership. I am getting annoyed with their mailings, so I purchased what I had to in order to close the account. They were offering 10% off summer orders (still counting book at 10% off towars memebership fulfillment) and free shipping on orders above 39$. (I guess they are competing with Amazon & Chapters who offer free shipping on orders above 39$). I love to read, but sometimes these book clubs can be annyoing.

Tonight while watching tv with Jamie (Caught up on more Big Brother, Weeds, Nurse Jackie) I weaved in the ends to Ishbel. I need daylight to photograph it, so stay tuned for my FO post!


g-girl said...

yay for weaving in the ends to ishbel! :) sorry to hear the boys have been sick. ack! about the greek restaurant. glad it was an easy fix though. so what books did you purchase from the doubleday book club?

Bea said...

At least the restaurant was cool about it and figured it out quickly and fixed the problem. I like service like that.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the restaurant figured out the problem and fixed it for you. Would have SUCKED if they had insisted they were right!

Tara said...

Gourmet fries! lol I'm glad it worked out, and they didn't make a big deal about it.