Friday, August 21, 2009

august twenty-one

This morning I was actually 8:30 am at an eyebrow wax appointment. I cannot believe how early I was actually there, and Sean was dropped off at daycare that early as well. The first time he's been at daycare that early in.... all summer. It's kind of been a slack summer in that department (getting organize in the morning <-- I'm still trying to figure out how to get organized and out of the house with 2 young kids. It really baffles me how people can get places on time with young children). I got an email this morning from my order with The Loopy Ewe for the 9" Hiya circular needles. They had put 20$ as an estimate on shipping last night when I ordered. Apparently it's the policy, just in case. However, if it was cheaper, they'd only charge me for the correct amount of shipping. No problem, understood. I was praying all last night that it wouldn't cost me 20$ to ship 7.50$ needles, as they could go lettermail, as they're that tiny. I got an email this morning, that it would be 1.75$ for shipping. Ahh, that's better. If it would have cost me 20$ for shipping, I would have cancelled the order, and found another place to order them from. Sometimes it's just insane to order from the USA, for their shipping charges, but then again, I look at what Canada Post charges, and it's just as insane.

I may have a seller for my Canon Rebel XT that I'm selling. I'm super happy about that. Jamie won't let me order my new one (not sure which one that is yet) until my Canon is sold, out of the house and money in my hands for it. The difference between my sold camera and my new camera will be part of his 4th wedding anniversary to me. Our 4th anniversary is this September (coming up quickly let me tell you - and I have NO idea what to get him. I even asked him what he wants, if there's anything... and he couldn't come up with any ideas). 4th wedding anniversary presents are tradionally Linen & Silk (interesting if you ask me...) I love the the 7th is Wool! 3 more years to go for that one! Anyhow, I know my camera has nothing to do with Linen or Silk, but modern gifts on that list on the link I just showed you is (electrical) appliances. I suppose a camera could be an electrical appliance? Close enough.

While Mack napped, my mother came over to pick out some yarn for my grandmother for her birthday. She's been knitting scarves (fun fur only lately) and crocheting baby blankets so my mother wanted to give her some better yarn than fun fur. Even the thought of fun fur just makes me ill.

When my mom left, my friend Dara came over with her son for lunch we picked out vegetables from my garden including this humongous cucumber was among the items picked. We had a lovely lunch from my garden, and it was super delicious. There really isn't anythnig better than a fresh salad from the garden. Nothing compares. Dara agrees. The salad was 100% from the garden. Nothing store bought at all.

Dara and her son hung out until it was time for Mack to take a nap (and her son needed one as well). I'm sure we'll see them again soon, if not sooner (because the next couple of weeks are crazy busy), we're taking a class together in the fall. Even though Mack's starting daycare shortly, I still wanted to take a class with him. I'll also be registering both boys from swimming lessons, hopefully on two different mornings during the week.

While Mack napped I hung out on my bedroom balcony while Mack napped. This was the first time in a long time that Mack's taken 2 naps in one day. I'm certainly not complaining.

After Mack's nap we went to the post office and then to pick up Sean from daycare. Jamie brought home pasta from our fave italian place not far from our house (I love their whole wheat vongoli dish).

This evening, I caught Mack standing up from sitting position, without holding onto anything to stand up. It's quite an accomplishment for him:

He's one step closer to walking.

This evening after the kids went to bed Jamie and I caught up on the new series Hung. We're liking this new comedy. It's very dark comedy though, not slapstick comedy. I worked on my new test knit for my own design this evening, making progress on that!


Bea said...

Go Mack go!! Relaxing on the patio looks like a really good idea.

Tara said...

Hung... Isn't that the one about the guy with the big...?

g-girl said...

wow..look @ him standing up all on his own. i love his jammies! :)