Sunday, August 30, 2009

august thirty :: 139 weeks old

Sean is 139 Weeks Old today.

Today we had Oliver's 3rd birthday party. Oliver is my 3rd cousin's son. Oliver has a baby brother born in April 2009. Between them and Jenn's 2 boys we have a hockey team. I think someone in my family should start having girls. I doubt it'll be me (apparently all I is how to make boys, and that's Jamie's reason for not wanting any more kids - though I'm not 100% shutting this subject for discussion, though, I don't want anymore kids right now, so it's to be discussed in a few years). Maybe I'll have to wait for a granddaughter one day to have my own little girl. I'm sure a niece (from my brother or sister one day) will be nice, but I really wanted my own little girl. It's just not the same, you know? In any case, I'm enjoying my boys and my family full of boys.

At the party we had the same Seseme Street Theater that we hired for Sean's 2nd birthday party back in December. While Sean went downstairs because he was bored of it, Mack really enjoyed it. He missed the showing at Sean's 2nd birthday party as he was fast asleep taking a nap. He was only 6 months old at the time of Sean's party).

Today's naps got really messed up. Mack napped on the way to the party and Sean feel asleep on the way home. That's all the naps they got today, and I'm really not sure how Mack is functioning on lack of naps this entire weekend.

At the birthday party today, Jamie ended up knowing a guy that was there, as he went to camp with him years ago. His son is 20 months old. We got their contact info, and Jamie suggested maybe we go out for dinner sometime with them, with or without the kids. It would be nice to have a couple friend to go out with once in a while. We don't really have any couple friends that do have kids to go out with. Most of our couple friends don't have kids and our lives are at different places to go out for dinner together. If that makes any sense at all. But it really would be nice to get out of the house once in a while on a Saturday night with another couple (or two!) and have adult conversation. (As much as homebodies we may be - it does one good to go out of the house with others!)

This evening I had dinner at my parents house. For some reason I brought my laptop over tonight. I was in the middle of transferring some files for my mother (at the end of the each month I give her copies of all the digital pictures I take of the boys during the last month). My laptop gave me the 10% warning for battery power left, so I turned around into my bag to get my plug to plug it into the wall. By the time I turned around to plug my laptop in, it died, and it wouldn't turn back on. I freaked out. It wouldn't even turn on with the battery out and the power plugged directly into the laptop. (A test that the manufacturer will make me do when I call them tomorrow to find out what is wrong and if they'll fix it). I know what tests they'll make me do, since I do that job in the office when I go in. (I take care of defective goods for the store that Jamie & I run in my family business).

My LIFE is on my laptop. And yes, I do make back-ups, but I hadn't yet made my backups for August's photos (I will NO longer do this monthly, but daily or weekly from now on!) and I am PRAYING that it's not my hard drive, but just the power. I won't know until tomorrow though, I'm going to go into work special to see what I can do about my laptop. I am so angry let me tell you! And all my emails in Outlook Express.... I have no access to that right now either.

Mini Heartattack. Really. Just pray for me it's not my hard drive. I really feel so lost without my laptop. I'm hoping my computer is still under warranty. I got it last fall (Oct 9th, 2008 to be exact). At least I have my PC in my office, and I'm not completely out of a computer, but no files on my office PC. I used my laptop for everything.... I miss it already.

Tonight to get my mind off things, after we put the kids to bed, Jamie and I watched Big Brother and I cast on another test knit with my 9" hiyas in 2.75mm to try them out. So far, I'm loving them. They are so much better than the 12" Addis I have, which I will no longer use for socks. (Though they work better for men's socks, since I cast on more stitches for a sock for Jamie than I would for a sock for myself).


Amelah said...

I do my backups every few days, i pop in a dvd to my drive and leave it there all month. Every few days i add more files of my pictures to it for that month. I leave the session open until the end of the month. This way i have it on my external back up drive and on a DVD! Since getting fucked last December!

Bea said...

OH my. I hope your laptop turns out to be alright.

Tara said...

Computer crap-outs are the WORST. Did it turn out OK? (still catching up, I've got about 9 posts to go!).

g-girl said...

oh dear. hope your laptop is working now!!