Sunday, August 02, 2009

august two :: 135 weeks old

Sean is 135 weeks old today.

Mack woke up with 99.7 fever. By his afternoon nap it was down to 99.1. Going down. Hoping it just continuous to go down. He still had slight fever, but almost normal at bed time. I really hope it's just associated with teething, because he's showing no other signs of being sick.

Late afternoon I took our guests to the train station. While it was nice having them here, I'm super glad to have my space back and some peace & quiet. My husband's cousin likes to talk - a lot. And her daughter likes to SHRIEK when hungry or when she doesn't get what she wants. They're family, so I love them regardless. Just happy to have my space back.

I finished Ishbel last night, so I put her on the blocking boards today and she's currently blocking on my office carpet. (My office is the only room I can safely close the door from the cat and the kids and leave my project on the floor).

I cannot wait to try her on. I'll wait until she's done blocking and ends are weaved in to do a proper Finished Object post. Stay tuned for that post later this week.

This evening we went to my parents house for dinner, our usual Sunday night family dinner. I like that we have this - it's nice. Unless there's something else major going on, Sunday night is reserved to go to my parents house.

This evening we did a tv marathon. We watched tonight's Entourage but we also caught up on a bunch of episodes of Big Brother from this past week. I worked on my Clapotis, since I'm all done my Ishbel. I want to finish up my Clapotis as soon as possible as well as I have other things that I want to work on.

Caught my cat sitting like a "human". Too funny.

So, my friend that we were supposed to go to her BBQ last night, can't really be my friend. Friends don't block friends on facebook because they didn't come to their BBQ. She seriously blocked me, because my son (still!) has fever and I didn't want to chance her kids (or any other kids at the BBQ) getting sick. She told me it was just an excuse. WTF?? Well, our 11 year friendship, must not be that important to her, and you know what? It's not worth my time either, if she's going to be like this. So long. Her loss....


g-girl said...

you've got to be kidding about your friend blocked you on facebook because she was upset that you couldn't go to her bbq. oh my gosh!! having your own space back is nice. :) though i'm sure it was fun to have family over! yay for finishing ishbel!

Bea said...

I'd be ready to have my space back too.

Ozzy and the dogs sit like that too. We only rarely see Penny do it. They always look so funny. I have to wonder how its comfortable with the big tail on Ozzy and the curly one on Gus. Now Abby just has a tab with no bones so no big deal for her.

That sucks that your friend is being such a baby.

jeloca said...

Who would block someone after 11 years for something as silly as that? That's rediculous. Sorry that had to happen!

Tara said...

Wow, overreact much?