Thursday, August 20, 2009

august twenty

Sean had 2 subs at daycare today. One of his teachers is still on her vacation, and his other teacher had to go pick up her son from coming home from sleep away camp. One sub has been in his classroom for a bit now, replacing his teacher on vacation. The other sub I'd never seen her before. Sean didn't have a good day at school today, and I'm certain it's because of all the subs in his classroom. Threw him off his game. He apparently was fine until nap time, but then he refused to nap during nap time, and once nap time was over he pushed a kid in his class to try to take away the kid's stuffed monkey. The kid ended up needing an ice pack for his elbow. Oy. I'm really just hoping that it's just an "off" day. I really can't wait for the terrible two's to be over. (But am not sure I'm looking forward to what 3 and 4 have to bring either. Can we just move on to 5?)

After Mack got up from his morning nap and my cleaning lady left, I picked up my mother and we headed out to run a few errands. I picked up some yummy sock yarn for the sock club (for one of the upcoming months), that I had missed the delivery for. I wish I could keep all the skeins for myself, it's just so freakin' yummy and delicious!

Next I ran into the city to a store called Fiori. I wanted to pick up something for my friend who has breast cancer. (Speaking of which, I need to finish knitting the hat I started for her. I kind of got side tracked from that project). I got what I needed and I was on my merry way. The chick working there tried to sell me a bunch of other stuff, and was a little too friendly, but nice regardless. Neat shop, though, the incense that they were burning in there really turned me off.

I picked up some gift items that I needed on our way back to the west island. We have some upcoming things that I want to give gifts for/need to give gifts for. We have a friend of Jamie's whose wife just gave birth to a baby boy, my neighbor had a baby girl, and I want to give her a small gift, we have a 3 year old's birthday party the weekend after this one, and we have a birthday party this Saturday for one of Mack's friends. Also, I found a few shirts for my nephew's 7th birthday this fall. (Wow, I cannot believe he's turning 7. That's just insane. Feels like he was born just yesterday).

Tonight I made a taco dinner. We haven't had tacos in forever, and they were just yummy. Super healthy too. Whole wheat taco shells, extra lean ground beef, tomatoes, cheese, low fat sour cream, onions. Yum! Love it. (Jamie adds salsa to his, but I like my tacos without).

Sean was dysfunctional since he got home from daycare due to his lack of nap, so I was able to put the kids to bed early tonight. We chilled tonight and watched Big Brother and an episode of Gene Simmons Family Jewels after Jamie got home from an errand he ran this evening.

I started another test knit tonight, another one of my own designs. I just love doing it. It allows me to be creative, and I just love what I end up coming up with. I love seeing people's finished objects on Ravelry of my designs. It's a pretty neat feeling.

I gave in tonight and got two things that I really wanted. Knitpicks new Zephyr tips and 9" circular 2.75mm Hiya's. I've used 12" Addi's for socks before, (I believe I have them in 3.0mm size, which I only use to knit socks for Jamie), but I think the 9" will be smoother to knit with for socks. I saw some yesterday and just had to get some.

Even though I cannot show you my new test knit, I can show you my latest published design. I present to you, Jubilee:


Big Girl Feet said...

Oooh I love your new pattern!! Very cool! And love the colour you used too...!!

kate-the-enabler said...

The sock is extremely pretty Robyn, bravo. Now, why did you call it Jubilee? Nosey knitter wants to know ;)

Anonymous said...

Great sock! That's really a lovely pattern with the lace inserts. Great job!

Funny thing- on your site I see this as the first post. But on Bloglines I have an OLD post back from before you were married as the first, the title is "Grandpa's POrn". LOL

Bea said...

Cute sock! Sorry Sean was such a bugger today.

Tara said...

Nice pattern! Very pretty, congrats :)

g-girl said...

it was definitely the subs that threw sean off. are you sure you want to get to 5 already?? 5 isn't exactly any better!! have you seen this series of books called 'Your ____ Year-Old?' I can't remember the author's name but he or she has written a whole series from age 2 or 3 all the way through at least 9-14. They highlight characteristics of the age and talk about how to deal with what's in store.