Monday, August 24, 2009

august twenty-four

This morning after dropping Sean off at daycare, I worked at home until my mom was ready to be picked up. Mack refused to nap, but he allowed me to get work done anyhow. He's a really good baby and lets me work on my laptop. He usually only gets fussy when he's tired or hungry. He finally did fall asleep when I put him in the car to go pick up my mom.

The first thing I wanted to do today was return my H2O mop, since it was recalled. The girl offered me a new one, but if one was recalled, who is to say it's not going to break down. I'm fine with going back to the old mop and bucket system. The floors don't get bad anyhow in between my cleaning lady's visits. They took it back without any issues since it was recalled. After that, I ran some errands with my mom.

When I picked up Sean (a tad early) from daycare today, they said that he had a bit of fever after nap (borderline though) and they gave him tempra. They also said that he had some eye goop near his eye. Though, maybe it's from Sean wiping his nose with his arm and it transferring up his face near his eye? He's had a bit of a runny nose all weekend, so I am wondering if it's from that? I will keep an eye on it, and see if he gets anymore. If he has any more fever, I won't be sending him to daycare tomorrow. We'll see what happens over night and how he feels in the morning.

Upon getting in from picking Sean up, I took the boys down the street to the park. Sean wanted to go in his wagon this time. I love our little wagon, it's so cute. Mack tried to climb out of it a few times, I wish there were straps on it! That would be good.

The boys had a good time at the park and I worked a bit on an old project that I've had sitting in my office. It's my Drop Stitch Scarf. It's been a while since I've touched it. Probably a year ago when I started it. It's probably been sitting in the bag since. I didn't really get too far on it when I cast on, I can't even remember why I cast on if I had no intentions of working on it back then. I hope to find some time in the next few weeks to finish it. That would be nice.

Jamie stopped by at the park on his way home from work and hung out with us a bit before we all headed home. I wanted to be home from 6pm as I wanted to register the boys for swimming. I was able to register them online, as it's the first session that I can register the kids online for swimming. Let me tell you though, it was rather difficult to get the system to work and it took me 45 minutes to finalize and make payment. There error kept occurring with the payment processing site that it kept transferring me to, and it was damn annoying. Though, I think it was still 100% better than standing in line and registering! But, both boys are registered for swimming starting in September and running through 14 weeks until December. They are each going on a separate day, so they will each get to spend time with me in the pool without any stress. We tried doing back to back classes a few sessions back and it didn't work out.

I received a very nicely wrapped gift from Joolieknits today in the mail. It's one of the 2 packages I'm expecting to receive from my Fave Things Swap on Ravelry. I'm getting 2 packages because I assigned myself a partner, like everyone else when I did matches. Sent out all the matches. The next day I got a message from someone who had already been matched up with their pal. So I had no choice but to stick myself in between them, so that they wouldn't be sending to the same person again. I did send out 2 packages though, so it was all fair. Actually I ended up sending out 5 packages in total for this round, as I ended up being an angel for 3 more people who's pals went AWOL and weren't communicating or anything. So I picked up their slack and sent out 3 extra packages. I love hostessing the swap though, it's so much fun. People are having so much fun with it. Which I'm glad.

Anyhow, Julie sent me some really nice items. I got some wonderful items! A magazine, a book about cupcakes, Natural Knit Picks yarn for dying, along with some Koold-aid to dye the yarn, A tape measure, some unlocking stitch markers, WhiteTea To Go, Cherry tic tacs which are sugar free (they’re already gone…!) an awesome cherry pouch, A needle gauge, and some note pads and crayons for the boys, each their own set. I love love love everything! Oh, and how could I forget, treats for my cat too! How thoughtful of her! He’s sleeping right now, but I’ll be sure to give him some of the treats later. She sure knows how to spoil a girl!

I'm in bed now, watching some A&E. There's a new show on called Hoarders. I find it very interesting. I've always been called a "pack rat" by my parents (I always keep stuff that I think could be used for crafts and such - though I think I've gotten a LOT better at what I actually keep and what's garbage). My house is no where near as cluttered at the people in this show, but I do have some clutter and I am a bit disorganized at times. Though, this show reassures me that I am no where near a real hoarder. Have you seen this show? It's unreal what these people have in their homes. Expired food in their freezer from 1992. Stuff like that. Nasty if you ask me. It makes me wonder if I have a bit of a hoarding issue when it comes to yarn and my stash??? Do you hoard yarn?? Or is just a collection?? I mean, I do knit from my stash... it's just ... quite a larger stash than I thought it would ever become. You know?? I think I need to declare 2010, the year to knit from stash. Or maybe start it after Rhinebeck?? What do you think? Anyone with me!?

I think I'm going to go read a bit before bed.


Sarah B. said...

I think my stash is bordering on hording. I'm getting a bit compulsive about it!

Bea said...

I'm thinking most knitters are a bit of a hoarder with their stashes. I've been knitting from my stash all year, but I'll probably keep it up next year because even though I've bought one skein of yarn (not including the one for you) I still have managed to grow my stash.

Excellent swap package you received. I have to say I love the pig baggy. I'm a sucker for cute piggys.

Tara said...

The concept of a stash goes hand in hand with hoarding, right? I'm with you on the knitting from stash, or rather, on not buying yarn unless you have a specific project for it that you cast on IMMEDIATELY.

g-girl said...

i had seen something on tv about the new show about hoarding. i think the hoarding of stuff like books/food/magazines, etc. is much different from all of our yarn hoarding. hoarding to me, is more like a sickness. i love how nicely everything was wrapped in your swap package! :)