Tuesday, August 25, 2009

august twenty-five

Last night I finished reading Unravelled by Robyn Harding. I stayed up to finish it as I was so close to the end, I wanted to know what happened. Robyn Harding herself is a novice knitter. I wonder if she's on Ravelry? I wonder if she even knows what Ravelry is? The book is about freelance writer Beth Caruthers who dumps her boyfriend as he can't commit. Needing to get out of the house to avoid her odd roommate, Beth joins a knitting circle, a hobby she rapidly enjoys. Beth appreciates the company of her new knitting friends and even begins dating again. However, her new boyfriend's secrets end up terminating their relationship and stops her from going to her newly formed knitting circle over something she had no idea of to begin with.

I definitely enjoyed this novel and would recommend it to any knitter. Though, there's more drama in the book than actual knitting talk, I like chick lit - so I still enjoyed the book.

Today Sean woke up at 6:20 am and had borderline fever. Mack got up at 8:45 am, without any fever. My mom agreed to watch both kids, as I wans't sending Sean to daycare today, and had to work in the office today.

After work I dropped off a work pacakge at UPS, and then picked up some groceries before picking up the kids from my parents house. It's a good thing I took care of that first, because my parents had taken the boys for a walk, and we both arrived at their place at the same time. Also - when I got to my parents house, my mom mentioned that Sean had green goop still coming from his eyes. I called his doctor's office, it was already closed for the day. I asked my mom if she had any suggestions, and she mentioned to call the clinic in a neighoring city to see if there was any line-up. I called, and she told me there wasn't too many people at all, and that it was a good time to come.

We ran to the clinic (leaving the meat I just picked up at the grocery store in my mom's fridge). It took a little less than three quarters of an hour, as there was a few people in front of us when we got there, and we finally got to see the doctor. Turns out Mack had fever when we were seen, (not Sean at this time) and they both are sick. Sean has an ear infection in both ears, and an eye infection in both eyes. He also had a red throat. Mack has an ear infection in one ear. Sean was put on eye drops and antibiotics and Mack was put on antibiotics.

Upon leaving the clinic, I had to go to the bathroom so badly, I had to stop at my sister's house which is right next to the pharmacy and she watched the boys while I ran in to go use the bathroom. There was no way I was able to go to the bathroom at the clinic with both boys. I didn't want to put Mack on the floor in the bathroom as he's not walking yet. After leaving my sister's place I filled the boys prescriptions at the pharmacy and we headed home. It was already late. Jamie had picked up the meat in the fridge at my parents house on his way home from work, and dinner was in progress when I got home.

After the kids were in bed, Jamie and I ate a late dinner. I hate eating dinner late. I end up not feeling well at night in bed, if I've eaten dinner late. (Late I consider to be 8pm and later, which is what it ended up being tonight).

I ordered my new digital camera tonight. I cannot wait until it arrives in the mail. There ended up being a sale on the cheapest item in your shopping cart. Well, the only item in my shopping cart was the camera, so I got 10% off. I'm not complaining! My old camera (Canon Rebel XT) will be out of my hands on Thursday morning, and my new one should arrive about two weeks after that. It's only being released on September 9th, 2009. I cannot wait for my new Nikon D3000.

I'm staring a new book tonight, Loves Me, Loves Me Knot by Heidi Betts. Another "knitting" fiction novel. We'll see how this author is. Off to go tuck myself in with the book!


Firefly said...

That camera looks awesome! I want a dslr, Jase talked me out of buying one last year, but I definitely am getting one this year(anniversary/birthday/xmas all coming up). Where did you buy yours, and I can't wait to hear how you like it!


Living Inspired said...


you lucky duck! I'm so jealous. I really need an SLR, b/c I want to take a course. Are you going to be selling your Canon by any chance?

Bea said...

Hope the boys are already better! I'm sure they are by now. Congrats on the new camera.

Tara said...

I SO need to invest in a new camera! Hmmm.... Christmas IS coming up, heh.

g-girl said...

unravelled sounded cute! i might have to check it out. i'm a fan of chicklit too! :) oh no..sorry to hear the boys were that sick but i'm glad you were able to go to a different clinic to find that out instead of having to wait it out. i'm sure they're better by now!!