Saturday, August 01, 2009

august one

Mack woke up with 99.6 fever this morning. It's not much (normal is 98.6 and worrisome for a baby is 104+ (as per my experience with the Montreal Children's hospital laughing at me when I brought Sean in with 103 point something when he was younger)). Jamie was gone before we even woke up this morning, as he went golfing with a co-worker. I vegged all morning, love Saturday mornings for this! After lunch, my mother picked up Sean, and he went over to their house to swim.

Remember my kids' missing slippers?

The lost has been found!

Sean had shoved one each into the vase above. The vase got put up on top of our wall unit in our dinning room. The vase was put up there when Sean started to be very mobile... so for months now... He started walking 3 days before his first birthday. He's 2 and a half now! I've been looking for those since... at least May of 2008 (as per the "missing slippers post") but who knows how long before that they were actually missing? I'm just in shock I actually found them and that I kept the other matching pair. I guess I had faith that they would show up??

Mack approves of his new slippers. Though, they're way to big on him, so we'll put them away. (They're 18-24 month size and his feet are still in size 3 - which I believe is around 9 month size).

After lunch I went with Bonnie, Rosie & Mack to Ikea. I wanted to get some more kids plates and bowls from there. (Love them). I got a potty for 2.99$! I'm going to keep it in my trunk. Never know when we'll be out and Sean (and eventually Mack) will need to use the potty. The toilet training is advancing with Sean, we're not quite there yet, but we're definitely one step closer. He does ask to use the potty on occasion, (we ask him all the time, getting a usual "NO" as an answer. He does though use the potty before a bath and before bedtime, like clockwork. It's a start, right? And apparently boys are longer to potty train than girls.

On our way home I picked up my parents' anniversary present at the Baie (we got them a strawberry kit - to slice, scoop and wash and a salad spinner, since the one my mother was using broke (the handle) so I got her a better one that will be easier on her wrists (arthritis)). On our way out of the Baie, I saw this gorgeous bathing suit. The Baie was having their surprise 19.99$ bathing suit sale, and I got a gorgeous bathing suit for 19.99$ (from 98$)! Now I have 2 bathing suits that fit. Though, we need nicer weather so I can actually go swimming. That would be nice.

Rosie & Mack fell asleep in the car, so when we got home, Bonnie & I sat outside while the kids slept in the car with the doors open. It was sunny out, so it was nice to be outside since it is rare we get nice weather.

After the kids woke up, we still stayed outside for a bit - which was nice. I worked on Ishbel.

Sean came home from my parents house and played with some baseballs and other balls. I love this shot of the balls in the air! I didn't realize I'd gotten this shot until going through my photos on my computer afterwards.

We even caught a glimpse (and half a picture) of the cat we think is living in the bushes in front of our kitchen window. In case I need to call the city I wanted proof that such a cat exists. He ran too fast for me to get a photo of him, but he ran right into our bushes. I'm not sure if it's 1 or 3 cats living there, as I've seen 3 different colored and 3 different sized cats coming and going from my property.

For dinner tonight, we had some new fresh zucchini from the garden, as well as a cucumber!

The zucchini got grilled, and the cucumber got added to some previously picked tomatoes from our garden, with some freshly picked green onion and lettuce and we had a salad with dinner tonight that was 100% from our garden. This makes me so happy!

Mack now has 101.7 fever. Still not super high but higher than it was this morning upon waking up. I gave him some tempra and we'll see how he is when he wakes up tomorrow. I really hope he's not coming down with something, and I hope it's cutting a tooth related.

Tonight I was chatting with a friend online and she told me that she was diagnosed with 2 types of Breast Cancer in both her breasts. She's 35 years old. I met her through a mom and tot class that we took together. Her oldest son is 2 months older than Sean. Then her baby is 13 months younger than her oldest son (back to back pregnancies) and so he's 11 months younger than Sean, and according to my calculations, if done correctly 6 and a half months older than Mack. She starts chemo on Wednesday. I told her I'm going to knit her a hat. I'm going to gather a bunch of pictures of hats that I can knit (patterns I have access to) and let her choose which one she wants me to knit for her, in her fave color. I have some Dream in Color Classy that is waiting to be turned into a hat.

This evening, we were supposed to go to a friends house for a BBQ, but I didn't want to take the chance that Mack was actually sick and not just teething, so I messaged my friend on facebook to let her know that we weren't going to make it. (After already messaging her this morning to let her know that Mack woke up with fever, and that I'd play it by ear). I really wanted to go to the BBQ, but what if Mack's really sick? She has kids herself (my friend) and there was for sure going to be other kids at the BBQ as well.

We stayed in tonight, as Jamie had hockey tonight, and watched the movie Waitress. And even though he played an asshole in the movie, I still think Jeremy Sisto is hot! Alright movie, nothing to write home about though.

Wow, is it August already??


g-girl said...

sorry to hear about your friend. that's nice that you are making a hat for her. :) glad the slippers finally turned up! wait a second..104 is a high fever, nothing less than that? that's just crazy. hope he feels better soon.

Bea said...

Wow. I never would have thought you would find them! Amazing.

I love this photo of the cat. Very cute.

I hope your friends chemo goes well (um, as well as these things can). She's in my prayers.

Tara said...

Oh no, so sorry about your friend. You just never know what will happen, do you? You're very sweet to knit her a hat.