Tuesday, August 04, 2009

august four

Pattern: Ishbel by Ysolda Teague.
For: Myself
Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug in Velvet Bilberry
Needle: US 6 / 4.0 mm
Size: Large
Timeline: June 19th, 2009 - August 1st, 2009
Modifications: Followed pattern as published.
Opinion: It was super easy to knit for a first time lace project. (I've knitted lacy garments, but not a 'real' lace project before). I'm in love with this pattern and can knit a hundred more.

I love it!

Sean is still coughing, so I kept him home today as well. I'll work tomorrow instead of today. My mom was luckily able to come over and watch Sean while I took Mack to his class. I didn't want to miss Mack's class as it's only a 6 week session ending next week. I can't believe how fast the summer is going. The class will be over before we know it. There is one girl, I think I know her from school or something. She looks so familiar. I think she was a grade or two below me in school. She wasn't there last week, and today I forgot to ask her. But her first name name, (I asked the teacher of the mom and tot class) rings a bell. Her son is way younger than Mack though. I think he's under 6 months old.

I got my Interweave Knits Fall 2009 issue in the mail upon returning from the class. I will check it out later and see if there is anything noteworthy in it. I also came home to find Sean asleep on the couch. That, is rare. He's usually one to fight naps, but not today. He napped for a good hour and a bit after I got home, and had been asleep for a good half hour when I got home. I'll take any amount of nap these days out of him.

I got a quote this afternoon from the insurance company that my mother uses for her house insurance. I couldn't believe that my quote was more than hers. She pays less over 2 years, than they wanted to offer me. My parents house has more square footage than mine (1 extra bedroom) and is probably worth more than mine (especially with the renovations they did about 2 years ago). The only difference is that they gave my mom a discount for having a University Degree (I only have technical degrees, but I dont know if that in their eyes is equivalent) and my mom got a discount for being a CAA member. All the other discounts (for being a non-smoker and having an alarm system), were given. I wonder if not having children in the house allows my mother an even cheaper rate. The other difference would be the amont of "goods" insured inside her house. I asked her to pull her contract out, to take a look at it. In any case, they weren't able to offer me cheaper than I am currently paying, (at the company that forgot to deduct my old house when I moved off my policy) so I guess I am just going to stay with the company that I am with currently. My contract is renewed Sept 2nd, and I think it may even be too late to cancel with them as I think I have to give them 30 days notice to cancel my new policy. I'm sure if I called around, the other companies that are out there will all be approximately all the same or maybe even more. Seems like I am getting a good deal from the company I am with.

Severe Thunderstrom Watch. Will it ever end?

Quote of the day, said by Sean: "Mommy is a girl so she has a bellybutton, I have a pen.is like daddy". (I put a period in the dirty word so that I don't get crazy freaks visiting my blog by searching that word... hoping those folks stay away). I just love the things that come out of kids mouths....!


Andrea said...

Very beautiful Ishbel! What a sigh of relief finishing it huh? I hated casting off - so time consuming! Yours turned out incredible!

g-girl said...

great quote from sean! lovely shots of ishbel. :)

Bea said...

So pretty, but I already said that didn't I?

I know this is a couple of days ago so I hope Sean is doing well now!

I love severe thunderstorms. Of course we usually don't see them in the summer so that might be why. At least it isn't that hot there. (Or at least I wouldn't consider it that hot. We just about hit 40c today... High this summer is between 44c and 45c)

Anonymous said...

Not only is the Ishbell gorgeous, but in that first photo you look so tiny!

Tara said...

Ishbel AND you look lovely. Well done!