Wednesday, August 12, 2009

august twelve :: 60 weeks old

Mack is 60 weeks old today.

I need to find a better system to get out of the house in the morning with both kids. I really don't understand how it takes me so long to get out the door. And then I remember I have 2 young kids. This morning I was about 8 minutes late to Mack's mom and tot class, our last Wednesday class. I don't feel so bad because the first 30 minutes is gym time, so we didn't miss any music. Sean decided this morning that he wanted to dress himself. That took like 45 minutes. He kept getting frustrated and screaming he couldn't do it, and then when I offered to help him or even just show him or get him started - he threw a fit that he wanted to do it himself. And then once he finally got dressed (shirt on backwards though), he decided he wanted to get undressed again and get dressed all over again. At that point I got really frustrated and was trying to figure out how to carry both kids down the stairs (since Mack's not walking yet) and get out the door.

After our class I checked in with the nutritionist for my weekly check-in (since I can't go on Friday) and I'm the same weight as I have been for the last two check-ins. 151.8 lbs on their scale (148.8 lbs on my scale). I can't get it to go down further! Dying to get off 3.8 more pounds. I want to hit 145 lbs on my scale (148 on theirs). Though, I'm in no rush for that to happen. Whenever it does...!

While Mack napped this afternoon I finished up some earrings I've been working on. I love them!!! I'm really on this jewelry kick. I even got compliments while wearing them out this afternoon). Sean's new teacher loves them, I think I'm going to give her a pair.

If you are interested in purchasing a pair, please either leave me a comments with your contact information (email address where I can reach you), or toss me an email (my email address is in my profile).

After Mack got up from his nap I went to the post office to mail a few things including some swap packages for a few swaps I'm in and hostessing. I wanted to make sure those got out in the mail before the mail deadline. I had finished packaging them up while Mack napped, so it feels good to get them en route.

After the post office, I found these tshirts for Mack. How could I not get them for him? They say his name on them!!! I cannot wait for him to fit into them, as they are 2T, 3T and 4T.

(The red one says Mack under the front of the truck).

I also picked up a twin size blow up mattress for Sean. I could have sworn that my mom brought home the one Sean slept on while we were in Florida this past January, but she says she left it there. I was expecting the mattress to be expensive, but including the pump it was under 20$. We need it for this weekend, but now we have one, and I'm sure it'll get plenty of use. It could also be used for any future sleepovers the boys have with their friends, for a comfy place for a friend to sleep on. I don't know, I'm just thinking ahead!

Tonight, after an easy leftovers dinner, the boys got their bath. Tonight, though, out of no where, Mack FREAKED out as soon as his body touched the water in the tub. Let me tell you though, it's the hardest bath I've ever had to give either boy. The water wasn't cold or hot (or Sean wouldn't have gone into it either). I just cannot figure it out. He screamed. Cried. Freaked out. I had to hold him down and wash him. I had to have Jamie hold him down while I rinsed his hair. There was no way he wasn't getting a bath tonight. He already doesn't get baths on a daily basis because of his eczema... I wasn't allowing him to skip tonight's bath. I really hope that he doesn't freak out in the next bath. It just doesn't make any sense. No issues with the pool though (that I know of), so I really don't get it. I guess I'll have to wait and see if he throws a fit the next bath.

Tonight after the boys went to bed Jamie and I watched 2 episodes of Dexter (Season 1 episodes 2 & 3). Holy is that show deranged. But Jamie and I are enjoying it. I really like Michael C. Hall. I was a huge fan of his on Six Feet Under and he's doing a great job in Dexter. Trivia - did you know that Michael C. Hall is married to Jennifer Carpenter who plays his sister on the show? It's weird seeing them as brother and sister in the show when I know in real life they're married. Newlyweds too. This New Years Eve will be their 1st wedding anniversary. Ah, the things you learn from IMDB. I didn't get any knitting done tonight as I had a ton of laundry to fold while we were watching tv. The laundry that just never ends. Ever.


g-girl said...

goodness. first you've got sean having clothing issues in the am and then mack was having bath issues?? i wonder what's going on. oh. my. word. those earrings are fantastic!!! and they're handmade by you which makes them even more special. if i could figure out what type of metal I can wear in my ears, I'd buy a pair. I love them!! good luck with losing those last 3.8 lbs. cute mack shirts!

Amelah said...

Love the Mack shirts!

Hey can you do those earrings in blue I love them! How much??

Big Girl Feet said...

Love the earrings- very nice!!
And Dexter- oooh it just gets better and better... keep watching...!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous earrings! You made those? Great job!

Bea said...

Cute earrings! I love the shirts for Mack. Those will be really cute on him. Getting old enough for sleepovers? Can you imagine?? Could the eczema have stung when he stuck his toes in or something and caused him to be really distressed?

Tara said...

Maxime is JUST starting the whole "I wanna do it by myself" thing. It can be frustrating, I agree, especially when you're in a rush!