Tuesday, August 18, 2009

august eighteen

After dropping off Sean at daycare and Mack at my parents house, I headed out to work. Today I wore a new pair of simple earrings that I made myself. Love them. I got these neat posts at Michaels over the weekend and wanted to try them out. I put it with some wood beads, and voila, a great new pair of earrings.

On my way home from work I stopped into UPS. I think the girl there is starting to know me, as this time, when I dropped off the "ready to go" packages for work (my office job), she said "Ready to go?"... She knows it! If it was us paying for the shipping, we wouldn't be using UPS, but that's the method that the company we're shipping defective goods back to wants to use.

After UPS I picked up Sean from daycare and then Mack from my mom's house. Fed them dinner, so I could leave to go to knit night. I always make sure that the kids are fed or are in the middle of being fed before I leave. Jaime sometimes gets in late from work, when I have to walk out the door. I tried feeding Mackenzie the pasta tonight, (Pasta I dont let him feed himself, as it gets really messy) and he wouldn't take it from me. Though, when Jamie tried to feed him, he ate. Very weird. Considering he's a mommy's boy.

Had a great time at our mini knit night tonight. Never a silent moment. Love it. Look forward to it each week. I worked on my test knit and finished it tonight. I'll post pictures of it in a day or so. Stay tuned for them! Fastest knit ever. I love that.

Thought I'd share with you some recent stash enhancement:

St-Denis Nordique in 5820 Blue Eggshell for Vintage Button Gloves by Ysolda Teague

St-Denis Nordique in 5860 Balsam for Green Mountain Shawl by Veronik Avery

St-Denis Nordique yarn is available right now through my shop as special order.


Amelah said...

Cute earrings!! When we making our jewelry woman!! LOL

Bea said...

You were just feeding the pasta wrong that night. Love the green yarn. Very pretty.

Tara said...

Nice stash enhancement! I didn't realize you were carrying St-Denis, sweet!

g-girl said...

well, at least mack had some pasta regardless of who it was from.