Thursday, August 06, 2009

august six

Mack had an odd rash all over his torso last night. It was all over except his face, arms, legs. He didn't eat anything out of the ordinary yesterday, nothing new was introduced to his diet. By this morning at 5 am when he got up, it was still there, but almost gone. When he got up for the day at 8:30 am it was completely gone. I'm glad it was nothing. I had everything that it could possibly be running through my mind (hoping it was NOT chicken pox as Mack doesn't get vaccinated from Chicken Pox until September at 15 months old).

Sean doing some yoga before I took him to daycare today (above). I had an interesting chat with the coordinator of Sean's daycare this morning. She's now saying "she'll do her best" to get me a spot as soon as Mack's 18 months old, but apparently they do not give priority to siblings anymore. Huh?? All of a sudden? Well, I'm going to do what I can as soon as Mack turns 18 months to be the one to remind her on a daily basis if I have to - that the next spot is Mack's. Luckily I do have a spot for him elsewhere starting September 1st (and I'm glad that I do even though I'm not 100% in love with the place, it'll do until I can get Mack that spot). There is no way I am going to do two drop offs at daycares for their entire daycare years. Plus, I like the curriculum at Sean's daycare 150 times more than where Mack will be starting out. Sean goes to a daycare that is more like a school and Mack will be going to a daycare that is more like a babysitting service for the nursery. That's how I'd classify it.

Caught Mack this morning in my tampon box. What is it with kids and tampons??
They are really not that fun of a toy.

I love this picture though of Mack in the playhouse. He just sits there and open and closes the door. It's just priceless. The little things that amuse kids... eh?

I tried watching Coraline while doing work this morning but I just couldn't concentrate on watching it while working. I'm dying to watch it though, so I'll have to save it for another time. After Mack's nap today I went to Costco with my mom. I had to pick up some stuff for Jamie for the store and stock up on some other necessities. While there, I got a call from daycare that Sean woke up from his nap with 102 fever. So we finished up quickly and ran to the daycare to pick him up. Called his doctor but she's out of town until the end of August. Called in a favor from a family friend and met him at his house. He checked Sean's lungs, no fluids. Checked his ears, no infection. Checked his throat, no redness. Checked his nose, no sinus infection. Looks inside his mouth and says "He's cutting his 2 year old molars"... Phew. Glad it's nothing. And the cough is not deep down, so it's not bronchitis or anything. I was told to give him cough syrup and tempra or tylenol if the fever comes back and if the cough gets worse to come back to see him. I'm hoping it's nothing and he gets better soon. I have to keep Sean home from daycare tomorrow, as he has to be fever free for 24 hours before I can send him back to daycare after having been sent home today. Glad we ruled everything out though and he's not sick.

Jamie had ball tonight so I had a delicious salad from Costco for dinner (quick & easy) and I think their Cranberry, Pecan & Apple salad is becoming a fave in my household. Yum! So delicious.

Tonight, I've been mindlessly surfing the web and doing some work as well. I'm going to stay up until Jamie gets home from his ball game. I don't like to go to bed before he gets home.


g-girl said...

glad the rash turned out to be nothing. oh the coordinator @ sean's daycare now says she'll do her best in getting you a spot for Mack when he's 18 mos? that sucks. glad to hear that sean isn't sick. did you get a chance to watch coraline yet?

Amelah said...

That is a really cute picture of Mack opening and closing the door!!!

Glad that spots went away!!! Phew!

Bea said...

I hope you won't have any problem getting Mack in come Mack's 18 month birthday.

Friends are good to have. So glad its just his molars.

Tara said...

I loved Coraline! One of the kids' movies I don'T mind watching over and over.