Friday, August 14, 2009

august fourteen

Last night Mackenzie decided that he didn't want to sleep. We maybe got 30 minutes of sleep the entire night. Mack cried the entire evening. I am not even sure how Sean slept through it all. I'm completely baffled on that one, since all four of us were sharing the basement and were literally sleeping next to each other. Sean was on the twin size blow up matress on the floor, Jamie & I on the fouton bed next to him, and Mack was supposed to be in his pack'n'play on the floor, but ended up on the double size fouton bed with Jamie and I, we both took turns trying to calm him down. Not sure what was up, but I'm hoping it was just teething. And praying he sleeps through the night tonight. Jamie says if he doesn't tonight, we're packing up the car and heading home on the spot. That he cannot take another night like last night in someone else's home (even if it is his step-brother's home).

I finally managed to get Mack to sleep on me for about 2 hours from 6:30 am until 8:30 am on the couch in the living room while everyone ate their breakfast, etc in the room attached. I maybe got 2 and half hours of sleep the entire night.

On very little sleep, we packed up the kids, packed up the car and headed to Marineland in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

We got there just before a show was about to start, and waited for a good 20 minutes. Boy those 20 minutes were long with 2 young kids!

Mack entertained us. Cute as always.

I love his gorgeous blue eyes.

The show finally started.

The dolphins were very entertaining.
After the show we went to pet and feed Beluga Whales. Sean got to go first.

And then it was my turn. Her name is Jubilee.
She was much less slippery than I expected her touch to be.

Mack then took a quick nap.

I took Sean on his very first ride ever. It went high up and spun in circles. I was trying to keep myself from getting sick, but had to keep yelling out encouraging things like "YEY" "GO SEAN!" "WOOHOO", so that he'd stay positive. My sister-in-law was 2 carts in front of us, and saw Sean's face and wasn't sure if he was white as a ghost or just shocked. In the end he said he had a good time, but I'm almost certain he peed in his diaper.

Then the big boys wanted to go on The Scremer. It went high up and then dropped. Back up, and then dropped again, and then one more time back up and dropped again. I stayed at the bottom with both my kids and my in-laws and worked on Clapotis. They were gone a good 30-45 minutes. I had to stop knitting though when Sean decided he wanted to get na.ked right there at the bottom of the entrance to the ride. He literally took off all his clothes and diaper too. (Though he needed a diaper change, so that was done at the same time). Silly kid. Undressing in public. Has your child done this?? Is this normal for a two and a half year old to want to run around... au naturel? He's been going through a phase of wanting to get undressed and dressed by himself. We encourage it 100%. And he's pretty good at both dressing and undressing himself. Though, I don't really encourage him to do this in public.... at an amusement park nonetheless...

Mackie enjoying some chill time under a tree.

Today I got to enjoy my first ice cream in over 6 months. It was freakin' delicious. I'd been wanting a soft vanilla for a while, but was saving it for my vacation. Yum!

Marineland was fun, and we headed back to my step-brother-in-law & his wife's house for supper. It was an hour's drive back to Mississauga. Jamie was keen to drive both ways today, so I got more knitting done in the car... Clapotis is coming along great. I should have a finished object maybe tomorrow! I can't wait to finish it already.

Had a great day today at Marineland. Worked on my tan, and being in the sun all day today I'm ready to crash. Running on no sleep practically. Crossing my fingers that Mack sleeps through the night tonight.


Amelah said...

Aww looks like the boys had fun!!

Hmmm Ice cream!!!

OMG I went on the Screamer once, I thought I was going to throw up my was like in my neck!! Never again!!!

I would not have been able to go on that ride with Sean - I WOULD have been sick!!!!

Poor Mackie and Robyn with no sleep!!! xox

Sarah B. said...

Bean comes up to me at least once a day and asks if she can be "naked baby". She hasn't fully stripped in public yet, but she does enjoy "flashing"! Guess she'll be ready for Mardi Gras when the time comes! G*d help us!

kate-the-enabler said...

Hey Robyn - can't wait to hear the follow up to this - really hope the sleep problems resolved themselves. I love to visit family/places but I'm always grateful to be home because sleep almost never works the way it's supposed to when we're away. I blame it on accumulation of sleep issues - bad car naps, and OVERstimulation, which isn't such a long trip when you're little...
As for the naked - I'm thinking I've heard that from a LOT of people....(heck, I know many adults who wish they could do that too...) -cheers :)

Bea said...

This looks like so much fun. Seems like the undressing thing is somewhat of a normal phase. I hear about kids that do that all the time.

g-girl said...

gosh, sorry about your long night with mack. :( marineland looked like SO much fun! I'm jealous that you got to feed the belugas! I think undressing/just liking to be nude is kind of natural for them. i find it sort of funny.

dawn said...

Looks like you had fun even though you had no sleep. My 2yo also thinks its great to get naked and has been caught running around the backyard with nothing on. I guess it's normal, crazy boys.

Tara said...

I am SO far behind on my blog reading, it's not even funny. Maxime is enjoying the na.ked as well. Takes everything off and runs around yelling "tout-nu-tout-nu-tout-nu". Also likes to dance nekkid. Totally normal, don't worry about it.