Thursday, August 13, 2009

august thirteen

We headed after lunch to Mississauga, Ontario.
Jamie decided he didn't mind driving the entire way there, so I got to knit.
I worked on my Clapotis the entire way there.

My almost 7 year old nephew came in the car with us. Had I known he had to stop to go the bathroom every hour, I would have sent him in the car with his mom and my in-laws. I love my nephew, but it took us almost 9 hours to get to Mississauga (which is not normal) with all the stopping. My in-laws and sister-in-law had been at my step-brother-in-laws house in Mississauga about an hour and a half before we even got there. (And we all left at the same time).

Mack got in a little nap (see picture above before this one), but Sean was too excited that his cousin was sitting next to him, that he didn't nap at all. (Not that Mack's nap was that great in length either).

Ran into one of the girls who does Mack's music class at the synagogue, and chatted with her for a bit. She was with her daughter at one of the pit stops we made. It was nice running into her. I couldn't chat long as I had a diaper to change. I'll see her in the fall again, I signed Mack up for another music session. The fall session will probably be his last session. (I'm also signing both boys up for swimming lessons, just deciding which course time slots to register them in).

It was a long drive, I got a lot knitted on my Clapotis - I expect to have it finished while I'm in Toronto, and I'm just glad we're here now.

I took out a pair of shoes that I forgot about. I got them on sale (and then on sale again!) back in the winter, and was waiting for nice weather to wear them outside. They are so super comfortable and I love them. Even in the heat, they don't make your feet hot at all. I didn't bring any other shoes (except for a pair of flip flops) so I hope that they serve me well this weekend.


Bea said...

Cute shoes! I bet your nephews parents were glad he was in your car!

Amelah said...

I love those shoes! I am jealous because I wanted a pair too!!!!

Too bad it took so long blah. I hate stopping!!!! Have a good weekend!!!! xox

g-girl said...

good lord..every freakin' hour??? is that normal? too bad his mom didn't warn you about that. roadtrip knitting is always nice. :)

Tara said...

That's the one advantage of having kids in diapers, you don't have to stop every time they have to pee!