Sunday, August 16, 2009

august sixteen :: 137 weeks old

Sean is 137 Weeks old today. Picture taken with a frog at Rainforest Cafe at lunch.
This morning we were all well rested, and we headed on our way to Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is literally around the corner from Marineland, so it was another hour drive there. We found parking in a lot, and walked the length of the falls. I love my new family picture, of the 4 of us.
Since I had my Clapotis finished, I had to take a picture of it in front of the Falls. These are actually the American Falls. The Canadian, ones, the Horseshoe, is right next to it.
And of course, if Clapotis got a picture in front of the falls, I had to give Ishbel her spotlight too, right? I just happened to have it in my backpack...

Above is a design that I've started working on for a pattern I'm designing. It's being modeled in front of the Canadian Falls, which is called the Horseshoe.

Jamie checking out the falls, his first time there.
(I've seen the falls 3 times, once in 1989 with my family, and twice in the late 1990's, once with an ex boyfriend who was my boyfriend at the time and once with a friend of mine and my cousin who lives in St. Catherines, Ontario).

After visiting the falls, we headed over to Clifton Hill. We had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. The meal was a complete disaster. My meal, as well as my nephew's meal came after everyone else at the table had finished eating. My side salad never came. The waiter says I never ordered one. Well, then does he not remember me asking him to name every dressing that they have to offer and then asking for the Balsamic Vinaigrette on the side? And the fact that he told me that the side salad was so-and-so price on the menu because I'm ordering a meal. Sean's meal never even ever came... by the time that the waitor came around to ask us if everything was alright after bringing my meal finally (and my nephews), we cancelled his pizza that he'd ordered. He'd eaten 2 of Mack's 3 mini hot dogs (the size of them, 1 was really enough for Mack) and he's gotten fries from everyone's meals. He no longer even needed that pizza. My father-in-law called over the manager and explained to them what happened, and we ended up getting 50% off of our bill (though they still charged us for Sean's pizza - even though it was cancelled - at that point my father-in-law just wanted to pay the bill and get out of there).

Since I posted a picture of Sean for his 137th week shot at the beginning of this post, here's Mackie too with the cute frog at the Rainforest Cafe.

After the hour drive back, I put Mack down for a nap and went into the pool for a bit with my sister-in-law, nephew & Sean. It was nice just to sit and talk by the pool once we got out - but it was very difficult to get my little fish Sean out of the pool. Also yesterday, he was impossible to drag out of the pool.

Between Friday and today, I'm red as a tomato. I never "tan"... I fry! It doesn't hurt, but it looks really really really bad.

Pretty flower from my step-brother-in-law's garden. Love the color.


Amelah said...

I too love that picutre of all 4 of you in front of the Falls! It is printed and on my fridge!!!

Nice...just happen to have them in your back pocket eh? LOL!

Man what crappy service @ the rainforest!! I would have BITCHED them out hard core!! Everyones meals would have been free!!! LOL Marvin has more patience let me tell you!! I would have asked for 50% off and NOT paid for Sean's imaginary pizza!!! What idiots!!!!

I presume you did not put any sun tan lotion on missy??

Bea said...

Love the falls. Excellent family shot too. And the shawls? Oh my. They look awesome on you.

Wow talk about bad service.

No sunscreen? Or do you fry anyway? My sister is of the fry anyway type.

g-girl said...

wow, the falls are gorgeous! what a pretty view. I especially love the railing! great pictures as usual. sorry to hear about the crappy service @ the rainforest cafe. i've yet to eat @ one myself. they're always so crowded!

dawn said...

That's a gorgeous purple flower! I'm the same way with the tanning. Red as a lobster.

Tara said...

The Canadian Falls really ARE better, aren't they? :)