Sunday, December 21, 2008

december twenty-one

Sean's 2nd birthday party was today. First to arrive was his cousin Oliver. (Who is 4 months older than Sean). We don't get to see Oli & his parents often, but it's fun when we do!

We had a Sesame Street puppet theater perform for the 5 kids at the party. There were supposed to be about 12 kids (and all their parents too), but there was a HUGE storm today, and the weather was nasty. Some kids also got sick over the weekend, and were hoping to feel better by today, but weren't.

Sean absolutely LOVED that Elmo was in the show.

Sean wanted to give Kermit a kiss.

The kids had a great time playing with bubbles.

Then Elmo came out:

Sean couldn't believe that Elmo was there. He even showed Elmo his book to make sure that was really him. It was priceless.

Sean was giddy with excitement.

He just wouldn't let any of the other kids see Elmo, and wouldn't let him leave.

Elmo stayed for cake time (thanks to Nana for making the cake!)

After everyone left, Sean got to open his birthday presents. (His fave I think were the Elmo slippers from Jamie & I).

And Mackie wanted to help open gifts.

Tonight's the first night of Chanukah, so we lit the candles tonight.

We want to wish everyone a happy chanukah!

Sean's birthday party was a success, and Elmo was a huge hit. (I was sooo scared that life size Elmo would freak the kisd out). Sean didn't nap today, maybe he was too excited for Elmo coming to his party, so I'm super glad he's in bed now. I've got to go give Mack a bottle on the couch, and probably fall asleep with him, I'm that tired from today. Jamie's out at the habs game tonight, with my brother. GO HABS GO!


Amelah said...

I had fun @ Sean's party! Thanks 4 having us!!

It's funny that every time u see me in a picture, I am taking a picture!! And Vice versa! At least this year we got different angles!!! :)

Cetta said...

Those pictures of Sean with Elmo are precious! Happy birthday!

Bertha said...

OMG, Sean's reaction to Elmo really is priceless! I can't believe he compared him to the book to make sure it was really him! Your kid is hilarious. June is Elmo obsessed as well so I am sure her reaction would have been similar!

Happy birthday Sean! And happy Chanukah!

Bea said...

Happy Elmo Birthday party Sean!!

Happy Chanukah!!!

ahufford said...

Glad Sean's party was a success!

craftlover said...

Oh ELMO was there! SO, it's great that ELMO could come for the party, and all the kids were very very enjoyed, right?
how nice!!!

Sean is so cute about the talking over the phone... Erika loves TALKING over the phone too, but we don't understand what's she saying.. haha

Nell said...

OMG! How cute is Sean with Elmo?!?!?! I love it! And he doesn't seem scared at all.

g-girl said...

awww, looks like the party was a hit and I love all the pics of sean with elmo! :)

Tara said...

Wow, I remember the storm that hit that day! Looks like the kids missed out on an awesome party!