Tuesday, December 30, 2008

december thirty :: 28 weeks old

Mack is 28 weeks old today.

He is such a happy baby these days, I hope it stays this way.

While photographing the rest of my stash today (yep, that's what I did all morning while my cleaning lady cleaned the house, she wasn't coming this Thursday because its New Years Day, so she arranged to come this morning instead), Mackie hung out next to me in the bedroom. Wow, that photographing of stash was quite the job, and I'm certain, there is probably a few more skeins here and there that haven't yet been photographed either. I just need to figure out which ones, and get on it! Wow, it's a huge job. I've apparently aquired quite the stash since I started knitting in late 2005 religiously.

Today's stash enhancement is the last installment of the 2008 Woolgirl Club (December was an additional option, which I took, but not everyone in the club choice to have December). It's Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in Whispering Pine. While I like this one, I haven't been fond of every club kit that I've received this year. I have decided - (gah) - that I'm not renewing for the 2009 WoolGirl, nor the 2009 Rockin' Sock Club, nor Scout's Swag (I am not happy with what I've received so far, only 2 of the 4 or so that I've received I like), and nor am I renewing my Vesper Yarn Sock Club. The only sock club that I'm planning to do - is my own. (I suppose I have an advantage though, since I know what yarn is coming!)

I got an awesome camera strap in the mail today. It's a "Knitter's" Camera Strap. The material it's made out of it all knitting related. When I bumped into the girl who makes them at Rhinebeck I suggested that she make me one. I ordered one a few weeks back. It arrived in the mail today, and immediately went onto my camera.

Tonight we had our last West Island Knits/Crochet of 2008. We headed over to Chenoy's - as I was craving Matzah Ball Soup, and boy was that delicious. It was quiet, but nice. I worked like mad on The Moss Block Cardigan, which is coming along nicely, though, with my busy day tomorrow & New Years Eve, I don't think I will have enough time to finish it before the new year, but that's totally okay. I do see an end in sight, that's for sure.


Amelah said...

I LOVE that picture of Mackie on the bed!!! BABY OF THE YEAR!!! XOXO

Nell said...

Nice camera strap! Caro is so great!

Bea said...

Oh my gosh Mack looks so cute in his photo session!

Caro's stuff is really awesome.

Jennifer said...

i can't believe how much mackie looks like his big brother - such cuties you have!

g-girl said...

wow, you're not renewing for any of those clubs?? i didn't renew my woolgirl either. but i've still got other clubs going on..and we have the sundara sock!

dawn said...

I love the camera strap. I have to get one for my point and shoot. Mack is getting so big. Hopefully he will continue with the happy streak...at least until he's closer to 2 :)

Tara said...

I'm not renewing the Rockin' Sock Club either. I know, there's still room in yours! :)