Monday, December 15, 2008

december fifteen

Today was a sick day. We all stayed in, (except for Jamie, he went to work) but the rest of us stayed in our pj's all day. I chased after Sean with a kleenex box today. Not sure where it's all coming from, but he was leaking from the nose all day. Poor guy. (But other than that he was in great spirits - of course - terrorizing the house!)

Mack had a good time in the exercauser today. We keep this one in the kitchen (for when we're eating dinner or I'm cooking/baking). It barely fits through the kitchen door, so I'm glad to have it as an extra one so I don't have to move it from room to room.

Today we worked on patience. And working on sitting at one activity for more than 30 seconds. In the morning we built with the mega blocks, and made who knows what. Only Sean in his imaginations knows what we built! LOL. We had fun though. That activity surprisingly lasted a long time. About 20-25 minutes before he got frustrated and didn't want to build anymore. Then, after his nap, we worked on this puzzle above. He LOVED doing it over and over again. I'm glad. I got hime a few more Melissa & Doug puzzles for his birthday, which is next Sunday, but he'll get them beforehand at his birthday party. (Or maybe I'll keep them for Xmas? Which is before his birthday anyhow).

This evening we sat on the couch and watched some TV (Heroes & Chuck was on) and luckily both boys went to bed at the same time. A mistake we had made with Sean, only putting him to his crib to sleep after he was fast asleep already (falling asleep in our arms pretty much) and I wasn't doing that with Mack. So, so far, we've been able to put him to sleep without being asleep - either tired, really tired or even awake, and he's been falling asleep. Mack has a Dream Screen in his room, which he loves. I put it on for him at night.

Going to go back to knitting on the couch.


Amelah said...

Yeah for Mack falling asleep in his own crimb :) Must get crowded in YOUR bed with 2 boys now lol :)

Bea said...

The puzzle looks fun (well if you're Sean's age). Patience sounds like a good thing. Hopefully you can teach him to stick with things for longer and longer.

Craftlover said...

I usually let ERika falls asleep in her own crib,... she seldom sleeps in my arm... :P
and I actually trained her to sleep on her own, and Thanks God that she usually falls asleep quickly. :)
(like me)

Tara said...

I love those puzzles. I want to get Maxime a few of those for Christmas!

g-girl said...

glad that sean is proving to be able to sustain certain activities for a decent amount of time. maybe it just depends on what it is, you know?