Friday, December 05, 2008

december five :: 101 weeks old

Sean is 101 weeks old today.
He's our household comedian.

He loves to look at books, magazines, even the newspaper. I'm glad he likes books, I'm a reader, and want my kids to be also. Hubby only reads the newspaper, mainly for the sports section.

Mack likes to be in the standing position. And he is always in awe of Sean. I think maybe he'll start to walk early - to try and catch up/keep up to Sean. It's always a possibility.

Today I got about four hundred million loads of laundry folded, and there is probably another five hundred loads of laundry more to do. I did go out for lunch with 4 other moms from Mack's playgroup. We're like the 5 muskateers. We're the closest out of the 12 of us in playgroup. I kind of like that. After lunch (which was really good and Mack slept the ENTIRE time during lunch so I had my hands free - that was nice!), I went with one of the other moms, I guess a mom that I am the closest with (her husband actually has season tickets two seats down from my family's season tickets to the Habs games) to the mall that is attached to where we went for lunch. We checked out winners and I ended up picking up something for Sean for his birthday (or Christmas/Chanukah, I haven't decided which one yet) and also a cute "airplane" bag for Sean, which I've started to fill with little (new) things for him, for our plane ride to Florida. Anyone got idea for traveling with a 2 year old?

Have you ever seen a 2nd child jealous? It's happened twice now. Mack will be chilling, and then Sean will go over to Jamie and climb up on his lap, and Mack will start to pout his lower lip and then bawl his eyes out. As soon as Jamie takes him and puts him on his lap too, the crying stops. I've heard of the older kid being jealous, but the younger one??

This evening we went out for dinner with Jamie's dad & step-mom for dinner to celebrate Jamie's 33rd birthday - which is Wednesday (10th). We went back to a restaurant I'd been to before, back in June for my family birthday dinner. I really enjoyed my meal. I now know to never order stuffed pasta for Sean, he's not really a fan of tortillini. Good to know.

The next is only for mothers or others who can tolerate kid stories. If this doesn't interest you, check back tomorrow for another post - I'm ending my blog post today with this story. So, in the middle of the meal, Sean had a smelly diaper. Ok. So I go to the bathroom. No changing table. WTF? So I change him on the restaurant bathroom floor. Fun. At the end of the meal, we were just enjoying some wine and relaxing at the table. Sean starts telling me "caca" again, repeating it over and over again. I told him I just changed him. Then Jamie's dad told us a story about the boy who cried wolf... in respects to Sean repeating himself about going to the bathroom, and offering advice on how to get Sean to stop just repeating "caca". Just as he's finishing telling us, I feel Sean's entire body rumble, and he goes. Ok, so he was telling the truth. And I guess for not believing him when he said that he had to go, not only did he go, but he went and it got all over me. All I have to say, is that I am so happy that I was wearing brown pants. Obviously I did not have a change of clothing for myself, but I didn't have a change of clothing for Sean. Yes, I carry around a change of clothing for Mack, but at the age of 2, I didn't think I needed to carry around a change of clothing for Sean anymore, especially not to a restaurant that was a few streets away from us. As soon as that happened, we had to leave.

Going to plop myself on the couch and knit a bit. It's been one of those evenings.


Sharon said...

Bean gets jealous whenever Alan holds Monkey. I'm sure it's totally normal.

Sorry you got poo'd on. Ick. If it makes you feel any better, I walked around with baby puke in my hair all afternoon before I noticed it was there. I was wondering, "dang, something smells really cheezy" before realizing that it was me. *sigh*

Amelah said...

wow that sucks about Sean and the explosion!!! Welcome to motherhood!!!

Awww Mackie got jealous!? He is very alert and aware that kid!!!

LOVE the pic of u & Sean!!! Oy I love that kid!! He is too funny!!!

Hattie said...

They have done studies on babies where they have the mom hold a doll and pretend it's her child, with her baby watching, and the kids definitely get upset!

I STILL bring a change of clothes for both of my kids, and Nick is 4 now. You never know what will happen!

Sarah B. said...

We've travelled with Lilly-Bean alot (I love that Sharon's little one is a Bean, too), and definitely having the bag of new toys is a good idea. If you have a blankie that he likes, don't forget it (I did that once). Have bottles or sippy cups for both of them during take-off and landing to keep their ears popped. If you have a portable DVD's a lifesaver. I feel like a bit of a bad mom doing it, but it keeps all of us sane. Have a great trip, sorry for the really long comment.

Bea said...

Love the tongue photo!

g-girl said...

okay, not a mommy but i read your story. you poor thing!! no wonder you had one of those days! love the pic of sean looking at the mag!

Jude said...

I had something like that happen in the grocery store (of course, Stephen isn't 2 so he didn't tell me). It was embarrassing, but I finished my shopping before going home (much to the delight of my family)

Jenn said...

Awwwwee!! That sucks. It's a good sign that he realized he had to go though, maybe a step closer to potty training. Yeah, I still bring extra clothes for Paisley too, I have had things just never know. :-)

Tara said...

The younger child can totally get jealous when the older child is getting attention. Maxime used to do that all the time when Émilie was getting some cuddle time.

And as for traveling with a 2-year old: alcohol is your safest bet. LOL!